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La Prairie Skin Care Review

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It was a Friday and I was at work on my birthday. A few of my coworker-friends gave me beautiful flowers and a tasty slice of cake! Later a birthday package arrived from another friend. I opened the box and inside was a bottle of La Prairie luxe cream! Cool, I thought. I have to be honest. I have never heard of La Prairie before. (unlike the popular La Mer) The words "skin caviar" definitely caught my eye. My coworker Chelsea ran over to see what the fuss was all about. She had never heard of it either. I put the box away and quickly got back to work. My mornings are usually super busy.

Moments later I heard ... 'oh my god that cream is $400' what the ...

Chelsea googled it. Stunned, I decided to google it too. Sure enough, oh my god that cream is $400. What in the world does it feel like to put a $400 facial cream on your face that's equivalent to a round trip ticket from New York to Los Angeles? A first class upgrade fee? A hotel stay at a four or five star hotel? A six course dinner at a nice restaurant? or VIP seats to see Beyonce?

I will say this. A little goes a long way so although the price seem a bit much, trust me it will last for a very long time! Now, lets get back to the cream. Yes, I have a very generous friend who thought I would fully appreciate this and boy did I! The first night, after I washed my faced I couldn't WAIT to slap this on. What in the world was it going to do to me? Here's what it says online:

This lavish cream by La Prairie is legendary. It is a lifting and firming phenomenon infused with caviar extract to help support natural contours, profoundly improving the appearance of skin's elasticity and tone. Unique proteins create a transformative satiny smoothness and a silken texture, while the brand's exclusive Cellular Complex allows skin cells to become rejuvenated and thrive. Skin is firmed and lifted.

It a nutshell, it makes your skin feel hella smooth and look crazy flawless. You wake up, flawless / Post up, flawless / Ride round in it, flawless / Flossin on that, flawless…

Now sometimes when you buy something new, especially a skin cream, it's really hard to see what a difference it's making right away. Sometimes I don't realize how wonderful a product is until I stop using it. Same goes with this product. After weeks of using it, I would look at myself in the mirror and think ... "does my skin look any different than it did a few days ago?" I wasn't sure until I went to work one week. I was walking down the hall and I ran into someone I knew who complemented my skin. Later on that day, someone else complemented me saying that my makeup looked so nice and that I was "glowing." I've been wearing this same foundation I wear all the time (which is amazing by the way) but on this day, I was glowing. You know why? That damn skin cream that's why! It had to be the reason because other than that I wasn't really doing any different.

So, in closing ... is it worth purchasing? Sure, if you have $400-plus to spare why not. If you want to tell your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend to splurge on you, why not. Is it life changing? I don't know. But, it's definitely an investment in your skin. Like I mentioned, a little goes a long way. This product will last you a very long time.

Have you tried this product or know of something similar? Comment below and let's chat about it! 
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