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Travel Bucket List: Hello Barbados (50 Shades of Blue)

Monday, August 15, 2016
The luxury of Barbados brings many tourists to the Caribbean every year, and with its colorful culture and foodie scene, Barbados offers a lot more than beautiful blue waters. Did you know? Barbados gets many of its traditions from West African and British cultures. Your Barbados adventure will begin at Grantley Adams International Airport. From there, look forward to festivals, sporting events, and much more! 

When I arrived to Barbados, I couldn’t wait to check out my room at the Coral Reef Club, an intimate, tropical paradise spread across 12 acres of flower-filled gardens. Talk about luxury! This family- owned, five-star resort is located on the west coast of Barbados, merely a 30 minute drive from the airport.

When I wasn’t spending my day lounging by the pool or beach, I was enjoy pampering at the resort spa, which offers a variety of spa services including massages and facials. On my very first day, I enjoyed lunch at the restaurant on the property for a delicious West Indian meal and a cool glass of rum punch! Seriously, the best rum punch I’ve ever had.

The next day, I took a tour of St. Nicholas Abbey, one of the most historical landmarks in the Western Hemisphere. The 400 acre plantation has over 200 acres of sugar cane fields. I saw so many beautiful antiques, some dating back to the 1800s, still preserved in the home. To learn more about the home you can take advantage of a complimentary guided tour (subject to availability) which includes a short film on its history.

The best part of the tour – the rum!  If you didn’t know, Barbados is world- famous for its rum and St. Nicholas Abbey is the place to sample it because it has a long tradition of producing it. While I was there, I had a chance to explore the distillery where they create the rum. The most interesting fact I learned about St. Nicholas Abbey is that they use a traditional distillation process on the rum, the same process they’ve used for more than 300 years – wow!

If you’re visiting Barbados, you must visit Hunte’s Garden, aka the best location for an engagement proposal (just sayin!) I got a chance to meet with the owner, Anthony Hunte, a really interesting British man who made his home in Barbados. We talked about everything from rum to Rihanna! When you arrive to his garden, he has a sign on the chair that says "Please Ring the Bell." Once he hears the bell, he magically appears out of nowhere and greets you! I’m sure he heard me loud and clear because I didn’t realize the bell was so heavy and I dropped it. Luckily, it stayed intact. 

The best part of my trip was lunch at the Cliff Beach Club. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Do you hear me! I thought I was in the South of France. The beautiful view, the vibe, the food, the people! Just amazing. 

I started with the lobster bisque, which was poured table-side, served with a ciboulette cream! To be honest, I had no idea what ciboulette cream was but I figured it had to be good and it was delicious. Next, the spicy spaghetti vongol, which was prepared using fresh local seafood. My waitress was awesome, she warned me about the spice so I put it to the side and boy am I glad. It was super spicy! 

Later that evening, I went to Mullins Beach Bar & Grill to listen to live music! Kevan Sahai, a local musician who plays at the bar, reminds me of a mix between Bruno Mars and John Mayer. He’s amazingly talented! I could only hope whoever found Rihanna, discovers him too because what a talent. I danced all night long singing songs and mingling with a diverse crowd of locals and tourists. 

I didn’t have a chance to jump on the Jammin Catamaran Cruise the following day, instead I had to jump on a flight off to my next adventure. I’ll definitely go back to experience this because what better way to enjoy the beautiful waters of Barbados than by boat? Since I arrived on Saturday, I missed the Friday night fish fry at Oistins, another must on my list!

Oh Barbados, you’ll forever be one of my favorite destinations. 
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