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Monday, June 15, 2015

It all started with a Google search. We saw one villa, we pursued one villa, and we were forever changed. Before we arrived, our correspondence with the house manager was seamless, and our anticipation grew with each timely and thoroughly answered question.

Six of my closest friends and I flew into the Kingston airport early one spring morning and begun our journey to, what can only be described as the most relaxing weekend I have ever experienced. When we pulled up to the villa in the fantastic Karandas Tour arranged van, we were met with the warmest smile from Pat and Elvis, who greeted us as if we had known them our whole lives. We entered the home and it was more vibrant and beautiful than can be captured in any picture. 

We later met Bryan and Cherry who, like Pat and Elvis, were remarkable people who we now regard as friends. Bryan is superhuman, during the duration of the trip if we so much as had a thought for any item, it would suddenly manifest itself in his hands. Our group was full of seven very harsh culinary critics, but everything Cherry made was beyond exceptional, I can’t possibly speak more highly of her or the food. Every meal we had outside of the villa paled in comparison.

The villa, which is nestled between several resorts, puts the larger establishments to shame. We felt like Queens of the island as we tanned on our lounge chairs, explored on kayaks, relaxed in the pool or just floated in the Caribbean Sea. Bryan literally provided the soundtrack to the weekend, playing a festive but relaxed mix of reggae tunes. 

It is also worth noting that the rooms are air conditioned at night, but during the day, all of the doors and windows are opened as a warm breeze flows through the house.

They also are expert concierge, pointing us to the best activities like the Blue Hole and setting up taxis by land or sea.

We now consider Scotch on the Rocks our Ochi home. The stay feels like you are visiting relatives, the kindheartedness of the staff, beauty of the home, and tranquility of your surroundings creates something unique and indescribable that you must experience for yourself.

The villa and staff truly embody the essence and spirit of Jamaica: Out of many, one people.

- Kelly, Zeny, Lily, Rana, Alicia, Tiffany, and Jonesy 


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