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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Warm weather is finally here which means that it may be a good time to transition your makeup from Winter to Summer. Usually during warmer months I wear more natural makeup in order to wear less makeup. The last thing I want to do is wear a heavy foundation in 100 degree weather. In the video below I demonstrate how to achieve a natural makeup appearance.

Luckily, my skin has improved (knock on wood) and I have very little problem areas because of my new routine (which I will do a video on soon). Applying makeup with a lighter coverage comes easy to me but I understand for someone that has problematic skin, wearing natural/light makeup can be quite difficult. Most natural looking makeup provides little coverage.  BB Creams or CC Creams (for color correction) or a product like MAC Face & Body are good selections for someone in search of a lighter foundation with a bit more coverage. For a very natural look try a tinted moisturizer which helps with uneven skin tones. Often times by applying a bit of concealer you can help fix specific areas.

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