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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yup! It's that time of the year AGAIN ... can you believe it? Time goes by quickly I guess when you are getting older. Here is what I did on my Birthday last year. As I write this post I have no idea if I'll even do anything next week. I like to make these Birthday lists for fun. It doesn't mean that I think I'll get anything on it but a girl can dream right? Leggo ...

1. I had my very first body scrub a few years ago after covering an event for work at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. One of the models revealed to me that prior to walking the runway she likes to get her skin ready by getting a body scrub treatment. I searched around for a few spa deals and came across a spa in New York City. Right now they are offering a great discount on services for Spa Week! Click here to check it out. The overall experience was VERY interesting. Would you like me to blog about my next one? I'd love to go back again. The overall experience left my skin baby soft and smooth.

2. I follow celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta on instagram @Patrickta  and he is a big fan of Kevyn Aucoin's skin enhancer product. Here is a look that he created, click here. You can use it either as an overall foundation or just as a concealer. For my concealer I believe that I would be in the shade SX9 because I like a lighter highlight under my eye. I couldn't quite figure out what I would be in the foundation and I'm not even sure I'd want to use it for that purpose. This all-in-one, waterproof formula delivers complete coverage when used as a concealer, highlighter, an allover foundation, or to contour your features. Infused with jojoba and honey, it works to hydrate the skin, and it is formulated with minerals that support the skin and is sweat proof and transfer resistant for full coverage and long-lasting wear. I heard this product smells really good too! Click here for more info. 

3.Christian Louboutin shoes. No need to explain why ... it's self explanatory. Every girl deserves to have at least one pair in life. 

4. Everyone is RAVING about this new NARS foundation! I'll treat myself and I'm kind of sick of every foundation I've been using lately. This time of the year is always tricky because you have to purchase foundation knowing that you may get a tan soon. I hate that! Do I wait until my tan is here? or do I purchase now and guess what color I may be? Who knows what I'll do.

5. A Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake with sparklers! I doubt I'll get this because I'm on a 30 Day shred diet and this would basically mess it all up. Whenever I have a birthday cake I notice that I have tons of left overs and I'm stuck eating the cake for days.

6. For years my Mom has suggested that I get a new bed. I've had the same bed since I moved into my first apartment after college. It's a full bed and I really need a Queen bed. Plus, it has a foot board and headboard which drives my nerves. I really would prefer not to have a foot board this time around. Lately I've been loving these grey tufted beds and every time I see one on a YouTube "Room Tour" or Instagram I get even more excited to finally get my own some day.

7. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel (Extra Strength). I went to my friends apartment and she gave me her new skincare rundown. I was so intrigued by these peel pads that I ran to Sephora a few days later and purchased them. The reviews online are all positive so I knew this stuff had to be good. Everyone kept saying that its very similar to giving yourself a spa facial/peel at home without the expensive cost. It can visibly improve dark spots and skintone. Easy to apply, simply sweep the pre-soaked cotton towelettes across the face according to the two-step system. I've been using this for THREE WEEKS and let me tell you my skin is on POINT right now! (knock on wood, I don't want to jinx myself). My skin is glowing, no breakouts, clear, any small dark spots are pretty much gone or fading. I am convinced it's because of these pads. The five treatments come in individual packs and I do this once a week.

Note: I suggest buying the five pack instead of the container because if you purchase the container of pads I heard that they will dry up quickly. 

8. Another product that my friend suggested is the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash by Philosophy. I got a sample size of this product and I've been really impressed with how well it cleans my face. I would love to eventually get the full size version of this. This is a mild, exfoliating facial cleanser for moisturized, smooth skin. 

9. Izzi Slim is the most tech-savvy case available for the iPhone 5/5s, with four interchangeable lenses that make it easier than ever to switch up photo angles on the fly. It's dramatic perspectives and high-quality performance give you no excuses to take a bad photo ever again. Please ignore the selfie stick I actually only want the iphone case because I already own two selfie sticks (don't judge me .. they were gifts - one for my iphone and one for my camera). 

10. I saw one of my favorite YouTubers Desi Perkins rocking these sunnies on Instagram! I fell in love! I love big sunglasses and I love the shade of blue. These weren't going on sale FOREVER but yesterday they were posted so I got them. YAY - check them out here.  

11. Becca Highlighter in Opal - golden opal pearl. This is on my makeup must list! Somewhere in Dubai I lost my MAC highlight. No idea where it is. I'm so sad but instead of purchasing it again I'll try something new. I've heard great things about this Becca highlight! A natural highlight will give you the appearance of glowing skin. Who doesn't want that?

I also love Birthdays because you can get tons of FREE (or low cost) gifts from a lot of companies. Click Here to check out a previous post where I shared all of the freebies offered. Early Birthday shout out to all of my Taurus babies! : ) Happy Birthday.

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  1. Great list. I know you LOVE birthdays lol. Can you share the Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake with me? lol The Kevyn Aucoin SSE is amazeballs. They sell it at TMS every year. There's a product from BECCA I've been lemming over for over a year now, the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz. LOVE!


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