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Monday, April 27, 2015
Say bye to evil under eye problems with the MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palette. I've tried every under eye concealer under the sun. I couldn't find the right concealer until now. Yay! Although a bit pricey at $40, this is a professional palette of four concealer shades - NC40, NW40, NC42, NW43 - and two corrector shades in Rich Yellow and Burnt Coral so you definitely get your money's worth!
Enriched with antioxidants and suited for all skin types, they can be used individually or combined to perfectly match any skin tone. In the video below I show you how I use this product to hid my darker under eye area.

How To Use It:
I apply a tiny amount of the burnt orange in the inner corner of my eye with a concealer brush. I blend the color evenly on my skin and then apply a combination of the yellow and lighter brown shades. The best way to do this is to experiment until you can find the right combination that fits with your skin. You can also use this palette to contour your face, highlight the under eye area, and conceal dark spots.

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette:
- Staying power if you set it with powder after applying
- This looks very natural on the skin, not heavy or "cakey" if you use small amounts
- Won't change color or smudge
- Will not clog pores
- Light and easy packaging, easy to travel with  

- It can get messy around the sides so you should clean it after each use
- Pricey 

Final thoughts:  Overall I love this product! This is exactly what I need. I may not use this every day but when I want to look photo ready I am definitely going to use my new palette. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yup! It's that time of the year AGAIN ... can you believe it? Time goes by quickly I guess when you are getting older. Here is what I did on my Birthday last year. As I write this post I have no idea if I'll even do anything next week. I like to make these Birthday lists for fun. It doesn't mean that I think I'll get anything on it but a girl can dream right? Leggo ...

1. I had my very first body scrub a few years ago after covering an event for work at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. One of the models revealed to me that prior to walking the runway she likes to get her skin ready by getting a body scrub treatment. I searched around for a few spa deals and came across a spa in New York City. Right now they are offering a great discount on services for Spa Week! Click here to check it out. The overall experience was VERY interesting. Would you like me to blog about my next one? I'd love to go back again. The overall experience left my skin baby soft and smooth.

2. I follow celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta on instagram @Patrickta  and he is a big fan of Kevyn Aucoin's skin enhancer product. Here is a look that he created, click here. You can use it either as an overall foundation or just as a concealer. For my concealer I believe that I would be in the shade SX9 because I like a lighter highlight under my eye. I couldn't quite figure out what I would be in the foundation and I'm not even sure I'd want to use it for that purpose. This all-in-one, waterproof formula delivers complete coverage when used as a concealer, highlighter, an allover foundation, or to contour your features. Infused with jojoba and honey, it works to hydrate the skin, and it is formulated with minerals that support the skin and is sweat proof and transfer resistant for full coverage and long-lasting wear. I heard this product smells really good too! Click here for more info. 

3.Christian Louboutin shoes. No need to explain why ... it's self explanatory. Every girl deserves to have at least one pair in life. 

4. Everyone is RAVING about this new NARS foundation! I'll treat myself and I'm kind of sick of every foundation I've been using lately. This time of the year is always tricky because you have to purchase foundation knowing that you may get a tan soon. I hate that! Do I wait until my tan is here? or do I purchase now and guess what color I may be? Who knows what I'll do.

5. A Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake with sparklers! I doubt I'll get this because I'm on a 30 Day shred diet and this would basically mess it all up. Whenever I have a birthday cake I notice that I have tons of left overs and I'm stuck eating the cake for days.

6. For years my Mom has suggested that I get a new bed. I've had the same bed since I moved into my first apartment after college. It's a full bed and I really need a Queen bed. Plus, it has a foot board and headboard which drives my nerves. I really would prefer not to have a foot board this time around. Lately I've been loving these grey tufted beds and every time I see one on a YouTube "Room Tour" or Instagram I get even more excited to finally get my own some day.

7. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel (Extra Strength). I went to my friends apartment and she gave me her new skincare rundown. I was so intrigued by these peel pads that I ran to Sephora a few days later and purchased them. The reviews online are all positive so I knew this stuff had to be good. Everyone kept saying that its very similar to giving yourself a spa facial/peel at home without the expensive cost. It can visibly improve dark spots and skintone. Easy to apply, simply sweep the pre-soaked cotton towelettes across the face according to the two-step system. I've been using this for THREE WEEKS and let me tell you my skin is on POINT right now! (knock on wood, I don't want to jinx myself). My skin is glowing, no breakouts, clear, any small dark spots are pretty much gone or fading. I am convinced it's because of these pads. The five treatments come in individual packs and I do this once a week.

Note: I suggest buying the five pack instead of the container because if you purchase the container of pads I heard that they will dry up quickly. 

8. Another product that my friend suggested is the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash by Philosophy. I got a sample size of this product and I've been really impressed with how well it cleans my face. I would love to eventually get the full size version of this. This is a mild, exfoliating facial cleanser for moisturized, smooth skin. 

9. Izzi Slim is the most tech-savvy case available for the iPhone 5/5s, with four interchangeable lenses that make it easier than ever to switch up photo angles on the fly. It's dramatic perspectives and high-quality performance give you no excuses to take a bad photo ever again. Please ignore the selfie stick I actually only want the iphone case because I already own two selfie sticks (don't judge me .. they were gifts - one for my iphone and one for my camera). 

10. I saw one of my favorite YouTubers Desi Perkins rocking these sunnies on Instagram! I fell in love! I love big sunglasses and I love the shade of blue. These weren't going on sale FOREVER but yesterday they were posted so I got them. YAY - check them out here.  

11. Becca Highlighter in Opal - golden opal pearl. This is on my makeup must list! Somewhere in Dubai I lost my MAC highlight. No idea where it is. I'm so sad but instead of purchasing it again I'll try something new. I've heard great things about this Becca highlight! A natural highlight will give you the appearance of glowing skin. Who doesn't want that?

I also love Birthdays because you can get tons of FREE (or low cost) gifts from a lot of companies. Click Here to check out a previous post where I shared all of the freebies offered. Early Birthday shout out to all of my Taurus babies! : ) Happy Birthday.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

This trip was epic and here is why! Dubai (Arabic: دبيّ‎ ) is the most populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the second largest emirate by territorial size after the capital, Abu Dhabi. We picked the perfect time to travel in February because we heard it can get really hot there later in the Summer and Fall.

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) is the hub for Etihad. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

I  purchased this bright green suitcase from TJ Maxx. Not only was it affordable but also lightweight. This was the perfect piece of luggage to bring with me on my trip. My original plan was to use this as a carry on but Etihad has strict weight requirements and my bag was over the weight limit (booo). At first I was annoyed because I realized I could have brought way more stuff but in the long run it was probably for the best anyway. I brought exactly what I needed!

Our flight landed in Abu Dhabi but we mostly stayed in Dubai for the entire trip. When we did visit Abu Dhabi we made sure to check out Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

If you are into making your own clothing or using designer fabrics, I highly recommend shopping in the Gold Souk area. Not only will you find gold there but also fabrics and other amazing items as well (someone tried to sell us purses and weave, that was interesting!)

All gold everythang! Gold all in my watch ... gold all in my chain ... listen when I heard that they have a strip that sold nothing but gold I was sold. Don't be fooled! Just because we're in the UAE doesn't mean it's going to be CHEAP. The good news is you can try to bargain but the prices are going to be what's expected. Since our money is worth more there you can get a deal but it's not a whole lot less. The quality though is amazing! Once I got there I realized that the gold I've had in the past can nowhere compare to this gold. This gold looked like the gold you see draped on rappers in music videos or on boxers like Floyd Mayweather. Bling!

You know for the majority of the trip I did this updo look. Click here to read the beauty essentials 
I brought along with me for the ride. This hair do needed to be slicked back at all times and I had just the product to get it done.

I got this really cute two-piece outfit from I shop there a lot in the Spring/Summer because they have great discount deals and they ship FAST.  First time customers receive 50% off, sign up soon!

This was my first time getting henna! Want to see how this process is done? Check out
 Promise Phans video on how to do it yourself.

Everything we ate was very fresh! The seafood was delicious especially this lobster dish. 

Even though they did have Starbucks (and tons of other American restaurants like - Cheesecake Factory, McDonalds, even Popeyes!) I still wanted to try a place I haven't been to before. Kelly and I every morning took a trip to Costa to get a blended expresso that didn't disappoint. 

Our hotel was amazing! We all loved it. We stayed at the Dubai Marriott Marina and had three bedrooms, two floors, a huge kitchen and living room. It was the perfect penthouse suite! The staff at the hotel were very friendly and helpful. They had a pool on the roof deck, as well as a spa with a Jacuzzi and showers.While we were waiting for our room to be ready we enjoyed hanging 
out at the spa and even made a friend from London.

At night we enjoyed going out to dinner, taking a boat ride on the water with new friends, going to clubs like White Dubai and spending time with each other.

Was I scared? Hell yeah. They may not look big in this photo but this camel was huge. Just getting on that thing had me terrified but as you can see I made it. If you go on a safari I suggest wearing loose clothing and sneakers or sandals that you can easily walk in. Bring an extra camera battery or back up phone charger because you won't be able to plug in. Although these packages were purchased through Groupon a lot of people tend to forget that the staff at these locations get overlooked. Be friendly and give them a tip : ) they will appreciate it.


Etihad Airline: I have to admit I was nervous before flying on Etihad because it has such a bad online reputation. People talk about the discomfort of the airplane and that it's not as great as the others. I was shocked when I actually flew on it and had an amazing experience. I'm only 5'5 so perhaps a larger person could feel a bit snug but I felt comfortable. The food on the airline was good, some of it a bit odd (for breakfast they gave us eggs and beans) but overall I enjoyed the food. They give you unlimited alcohol! When you aren't sleeping you can enjoy movies and TV shows. The movies were brand new, I finally got to watch Frozen and they also featured films such as Gone Girl and Nightwalker.  

Culture/People: I always felt very safe in Dubai. The people are so friendly and welcoming. Everyone was very respectful. In the club, the men were never rude or inappropriate which I can appreciate (living in New York). We had a great time meeting people and getting to know them and we made friends from Sudan to London and Hungry! 

Food: It was very difficult to find authentic food from there because they pull from so many different backgrounds including American. As I mentioned above I probably saw every American restaurant that you could imagine. From Auntie Annie's, to Popeye's, to Church's Chicken. The most authentic it got was the safari which consisted of a chicken kebab and rice. I heard one of the highlights of Dubai are the brunches there. Unfortunately, we didn't get to experience the champagne brunch but if I were to go back I'd check it out. 

Tours/Nightline/Activities: As a group we talked about the things that we wanted to do the most in the UAE. On the top of the list was shopping (we're girls so that's obvious), the gold souks, the gold ATM, safari desert, a yacht ride, and visiting the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque can hold up to 40,000 worshipers and is a must see! We were happy to discover that Dubai has Groupon! Its great to take advantage of these deals but I highly suggest you do this BEFORE the trip not during. It's a lot easier to book these tours in advance. 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yay for Spring! To learn more about out some of the products that I loved this March watch the video above! Full list of products mentioned are listed below. 
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015
It's no secret that your girl loves fries. Who doesn't? Fries are my absolute favorite thing to eat even though they sure aren't the healthiest. When I saw an Instagram friend rocking this shirt I just knew I had to get it. With a relaxed fit and a sublimely soft fleece-like fabrication, this long-sleeved pullover is one piece you'll love wearing, especially if you're fond of a particular fast-food type of snack.

Featuring a "Fries Before Guys" graphic emblazoned across the front, this comfy crew neck knit will let people know how you really feel when it comes to true love.

This pullover is super soft! It easily has become my favorite top to throw on. For more details on how to purchase this product online, see below.


Buy this from Forever 21 here.


Monday, April 13, 2015
This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful event, hosted by Evelyn Amick of, at the Kate Spade flagship store in New York City.  Kate Spade is well known all over the world for their bold and stylish designer clothing, shoes, fashion accessories and more.
Upon arrival I received a tour of the beautiful store located in the heart of Manhattan. Each floor featured a variety of Kate Spade designs. The VIP room is where a talented group of fellow bloggers and I, played dress up, networked and admired some of the trendy Kate Spade accessories as we munched on cupcakes and sipped on champagne.

This Kate Spade "Break The Ice" ($18) Insulated Tumbler holds up to 20 oz of water, making it the ideal cup for all of my fellow fitness and health fans. Since Spring has finally arrived it's very important to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water each day is very critical to achieve a healthy body, clear skin, vibrant hair and long nails. This product is also bpa, phthalate and lead free.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and Kate Spade offers a variety of beautiful friendship bracelets and bangles that any Mother would love. My personal favorite was the engraved Mom Idiom Bracelet ($58) made of shiny 12-karat gold plated metal. The inside inscription reads "mom said so." Still in search of the perfect Mother's Day Gift? Click Here for more Mother's Day Gift ideas by Kate Spade.

Special thank you to Vive Mejor®, a platform offering Latinas the opportunity to simplify and improve their lives via new enhanced recipes and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions, for providing my Dove favorites - Dove® Deodorant Advanced Care and Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. I would also like to thank Carmex and Chantilly Dallas for providing us with swag bag items as well. Lastly, thank you to Evelyn Amick for hosting this great event!

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