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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Do you have thin brows and want thicker brows? Did your eye brow stylist completely make your brows way too thin? Here are FIVE helpful ways to grow your brows!

1. Patience: Allow them to grow back in and don't touch them. Give you brows the opportunity to start over by letting the naturals hair grow back for at least 2 months. This may sound like a nightmare but if you want your brows to grow and have a thicker appearance you should start over. If you continue to keep plucking, or tweezing the hair in the same exact shape you have now, you'll always have the same exact look.

2. Use Castor Oil: Each night before bed take a tooth brush and brush your brows with castor oil. Castor oil is known to help promote hair growth. The smell can be intense, the product is very greasy and thick so I suggest only doing this at night before going to bed. 

3. Take a hair vitamin: I currently use Hairfinity and this product has helped my hair to grow. I did a video on this product, click here, to watch it. Hairfinity helps to promote hair growth not only on your head but also your eyebrows and lashes as well. You can also try taking a hair, skin and nails vitamin or biotin. 

4. Try someone new! Some people believe that they cannot grow thicker brows because that's what they've been told by a brow stylist. Have you thought about trying someone new? Start fresh by growing your eye brows out for 2 months (depending on how fast the hair grows) and going to someone new to create a new design. Also, communicate to your brow stylist. When I started to go to my new lady, I told her that I am interested in having a thicker brow. My brows have drastically changed in the past year thanks to her. 

5. Fill them in: If you absolutely cannot grow them out or while you are growing them out need a little help, try using a brow gel, powder, pencil or pomade! 

For more details on these suggestions, check out my new YouTube video below and
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