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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm super excited to share info on these amazing Knatural Clip-In Hair extensions that I recently received from KRS Hair Group. Clip-in hair extensions are an affordable, low hassle way of changing up your look. You can do so much with them from wearing them straight to curly, in a ponytail, cutting them into a bob or even coloring them. It's very important when selecting the hair that it can blend well with your own. Since I'm a natural girl sometimes clip-in hair can be rather straight, super silky, and difficult to blend in with my own. Luckily, KRS Hair Group has provided a variety of hair textures to select from: straight, not so knappy, kinky coarse, and coarse.

My Thoughts: I was able to test out the Knatural Straight Hair and although it's called "straight" the texture of the hair is a better match for me than any other straight hair extensions I've tried in the past. Since I have BSL hair the clip-ins gave me a lot more fullness and just a touch of length in the front sections of my hair since it tends to grow in the shape of a V. I've worn them straight and curly and have received so many compliments from friends and family, unaware that I have clip-ins in. I can't wait to color the ends which I plan on doing very soon to attempt and try a different look. Would you like to see a post on that? Comment below.

The Hair: The clip-in hair extensions come in 8 different pieces from large to small. In the photos below I only used two medium pieces. If I wanted a fuller, longer look then I would apply more.
If you are using multiple clip-ins, you'd attach them one-by-one, making sure that you evenly distribute them along your hair depending on your hairstyle.

How to apply the hair: Part your hair into sections either using your finger or a comb to draw a horizontal line from temple to temple. Secure the top part of your hair with a hair tie or clip. Open the clips on your extensions and place the top of the hair extensions with the horizontal part you have made, and gently push down to snap the clips into place. No, it does not hurt if you do it properly. Blend it in with your own hair by combing them together or curling them until you have achieved the perfect look.

Maintaining the clip-ins is super easy! You can wash them as you would with your own hair. The company also supplies you with a weft sealer so that the hair doesn't shed or fall off the clip that it's attached to.

CLICK HERE to watch my latest YouTube video on these clip-ins where 
I demonstrate how I apply them. Don't forget to thumbs up if you like it 
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 Disclosure: This product was provided to me by KRS Hair Group but the opinions of the hair are my own.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh, sigh. Where do I begin? As a huge advocate of I was super excited about the lazy version If you aren't familiar with Poshmark click here because I wrote about it on a previous post (and I still adore the site). Poshmark is a free iPhone/iPad app that allows you to shop the closets of women across the country and also sell your own clothes. I've had a bunch of successful sales on the site and if you are interested here is a link to my closet click here. At first I was thrilled with the idea of ThredUp because it seemed a lot easier than Poshmark. You'd simply ship the company your clothes and they would sell them for you! One of the most difficult aspects of Poshmark is keeping track of your items and convincing people to purchase them. It can take weeks to months to make a sale especially if you aren't consistently pushing the items out. You also have to take the time to take photos of the items or model them to grab the attention of the buyer.

Here is my first big tip when dealing with sites like these, always research beforehand. If I had researched ThredUp prior to working with them I would have found the negative reviews that they have received online from other sellers. What amazes me is that they acknowledged how many scam complaints they've received and wrote about it on a blog last year click here. In the blog entry they wrote "We can’t stay in business unless we keep buying items from you." Oh really? Now, let's jump into my nightmare ..

The Nightmare:
A few weeks ago I sent ThredUp a variety of items in a bag, one of these items was a practically new Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer (photograph below) that I barely wore. After a year of seeing it in my closet I decided to try and sell it. Although, I could of sold it on Poshmark I decided to see how much money I could get for selling it through Thred Up. When you sign up for the service ThredUp sends you a large bag with a shipping label and a note card with instructions. For the purpose of this blog entry I am going to focus on the prize item - the jacket and nothing else. It was a freshly laundered, brand name, no signs of wear and tear blazer so I thought I was good to go!

According to their Quality Standards thredUP's #1 objective is for the customer to have a great time using their Clean Out service. Unfortunately, I had a horrible time. I reached out to the company immediately when they emailed and said that the jacket could not be sold on the site. What? Why? I followed every rule they listed. This is the response I got back from Brandie: 

I went to this website page she directed me to and scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw a random note ***Please note we are currently limiting our intake of dress pants, blazers, and work wear. Please contact our team at with any questions*** The problem with this language is that it still doesn't explain why my blazer couldn't be accepted. Using the word "limiting" doesn't mean "do not send us" and if this was so important to the company, why wouldn't they make sure that people saw this information by placing it at the very top of the page and/or including a separate note when they send out cleaning bags. I expressed my concerns and Brandie responded back.

You know why I didn't opt for insurance? Because I thought my jacket would be chosen, why? because it was exactly what they wanted the items to be. Freshly laundered, a well known brand in top condition, and according to the blog entry there is absolutely zero reason why they'd try and not buy items from me. When was that "limiting" note added? Let's say I was a frequent customer who often sold items before the note was posted and I was already familiar with the quality standards, how would I know about their new "limiting of items" policy? I wouldn't. To expect customers to read that page each and every time for notifications is absurd. All notices that important should be included on the top of the page or provided with the clean out bag. I asked Brandie why they don't just write "We do not accept" instead of using the word "limiting." It's very confusing to the seller, how would one know which items to send and not send? Here is the response I got ... 

So ... how am I supposed to know when they've reached their limit? I immediately went to the website to see the Marc by Marc Jacobs that passed the test and weren't tossed away like mine. Surely, they must be amazing if they decided to keep them. 

Well, not really. Don't they look as good as the one I was trying to sell them? Doesn't my jacket perhaps look better than some of these options? Needless to say I'm very disappointed. My only hope is that it was donated to a charity, and a ThreadUp employee isn't wearing the jacket to work every day. If I had one piece of advice for the company it would be to change the language and communicate more effectively with sellers. If you really can't sell certain items and are "limiting" certain items you should notify sellers immediately by placing the note at the top of the page, not at the bottom where they are unlikely to see it. You should also include the information with the clean out bags. You should also tweet the information to remind people. It looks like I'm sticking with Poshmark for now.

Do you know of an effective way to sell clothing? Share below.

Holiday girls night in with Silk’n

Thursday, November 6, 2014
Winter will be here next month and it's getting cold outside already. My skin tends to get confused when the weather starts changing so that means I need to switch up my routine. I usually wash my face with a moisturizing facial wash so it doesn't dry out and I exfoliate often so that I can have healthy clean skin. 

Two years ago I begged my mom to buy me the Clarisonic Mia 2. After using it a bunch of times I didn't notice a strong difference in my skin and ended up ditching it (which sucks because it was expensive, $149). Recently during the Instyle Magazine Celebrate In Style Event I learned about a different facial cleaning system, the Silk`n Sonic Clean which retails for only $99.
The Silk'n SonicCleanPlus uses sonic vibration technology with the largest motor on the market, larger than the Clairsonic. The SonicCleanPlus motor generates a strong vibration that is sent to every bristle on the brush head. This large motor produces high frequency vibrations for a higher performance level. The gentle but powerful micro-fiber bristles effectively remove dirt, makeup, and dry or flaky skin cells. Did you know that using a system like this helps to remove 6 x more makeup than your hands alone? We all know this is true, have you experienced using a cotton pad to apply toner on your face after washing, and still noticed makeup or dirt on it? If so, that means that your face still wasn't 100% clean but now thanks to products like the Silk'n SonicCleanPlus your chances of having cleaner skin have increased. Clean skin leads to less breakouts and a more natural appearance because then you can apply less makeup on your face. 

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I'm already impressed with my results. The results of this product remind me of the baby smooth skin I once had after receiving a facial at Bliss Spa, except with this I'm getting professional results with no appointment necessary and I can do it from the comfort of my home anytime I want. It's also available in two colors: pink and grey which can make it the perfect gift for any friend of family member - male or female and the perfect Holiday season gift. 

How It Works:
The SonicCleanPlus features two unique cleansing modes: Vibrate mode- to increase the flow of oxygen through the skin to improve blood circulation, and pulsating mode- to improve elasticity and overall look and feel. Within each mode there are two different settings, a gentle option and then a more powerful option that you can choose from based on preference, so all together you are getting 4 different options. The Clairsonic only offers two options for added cleansing customization.


How To Use:
For use with warm water, cleansers, scrubs, or microdermabrasion creams hold the brush firmly on your face, select desired mode and move in upward, circular motion in each area to clean.
You can use this product up to 2 times a day depending on your preference. The 60 sec. auto-timer allows you to track each treatment area as you clean. I personally only like to use mine at night. Since this product is water resistant and cordless, you can use this on your body as well as in the shower.

What You Get:
Silk’n SonicCleanPlus Unit
1 x Regular Brush Head
1 x Silicone Brush Head (used for full body cleansing)
1 x Sensitive Brush Head
Charging Cradle
Power Adaptor
User Manual

GREAT NEWS! Now until Nov 20th 2014 you can use coupon code GIRLSNIGHT to get 15% off storewide (restrictions may apply). Just go to:

Stay tuned I will be posting a video review of this product very soon! 

Disclosure: The product was provided to me by Silk'n but the opinions of the product are my own.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It feels like time is flying. I can't believe Halloween is already over, boo (literally!) Did you dress up this year? This year I decided to be a 1920's flapper  : ) Here are some pictures of my night and makeup list. Enjoy! 

What a night! How was your Halloween? Comment below. 


Monday, November 3, 2014
Two weeks ago at my job the company held a health fair and my boss urged me to go. I am actually glad that I did because I was able to weigh in, get measured, get my cholesterol and blood pressure checked, etc. I really hate needles and as a child I specifically disliked the needle that pricked your finger. I remember my mom taking me to a church and the nurses there would perform tests to check on the health of the children.  So when I got to the health fair, sat in the chair and realized that was about to happen, I almost freaked out. Then I remembered I am an adult and I just need to relax. By the end of the fair, I was happy to report that I am  super healthy! yay.

My friend Brandon and I met in Brooklyn for brunch at Montana's Trail House. I'm convinced that at some point in my life I will live in Brooklyn because I'm always traveling there to meet up with friends. I just love everything about it and this particular restaurant was in Bushwick Brooklyn surrounded by really cool graffiti art work. I ordered the baked eggs with fontina, grits, bacon and collards. It actually sounds a lot better than it was. My hopes were high and this dish was just OK. Brandon's dish on the other hand looked amazing, he had a fried chicken biscuit that came with a hot sauce. 

I also went to a fun event in Harlem with friends - Kelly, Rana and Khendra. Then we all hung out for a girls night, eating a delicious homemade soup Kelly prepared - I believe it had chorizo, white beans, and something else amazing. Seriously, her food is always the best. We played Cards over Humanity (my first time), and exchanged horror stories in online dating. 

Mmm .. I love Tacos, actually Mexican food period. I came across this list of the 30 best tacos in New York and discovered Taqueria Diana . Rana and I went after work but we didn't order tacos (fail) we ordered the Nachos which were REALLY GOOD but the whole point was to try the tacos! I'll be back because I have to try them. Oh, and we split a burrito too and I was forced to try refried beans which I usually don't eat.

So when I was in Los Angeles  this Summer I tried this delicious Hawaiian Ice spot, Blockheads. When I discovered something similar in New York I was thrilled but it wasn't as delicious as the LA version (sigh). Still good but not great. The one in LA had way more great flavor and the consistency of the Hawaiian ice was a lot different. Guess I can add this to my list of reasons to go back to Los Angeles soon. 

I was able to attend a special screening of The Theory of Everything which will be in theaters Nov 7th. This is the extraordinary story of one of the world's greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age. With Jane fighting tirelessly by his side, Stephen embarks on his most ambitious scientific work, studying the very thing he now has precious little of - time. Together, they defy impossible odds, breaking new ground in medicine and science, and achieving more than they could ever have dreamed. This film was amazing, seriously bring a box of tissues with you to the theater. It was an extremely humbling experience to learn of his story. Sometimes we take things for granted, such as the ability to pick up a fork and eat on our own, not realizing how someone else would give anything to do the same. I highly recommend that you watch this movie while it's in theaters. xo

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