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Wednesday, October 8, 2014
I recently endured the painful experience of getting my wisdom teeth removed (three to be exact). I definitely didn't think Beyonce was going to pick me up after my appointment like this guy, but luckily for me my Mother traveled from Boston to save the day, and nurse me back to health (because I'm a bit of a drama Queen). Before this painful procedure we splurged on a yummy dinner at Root & Bone. I first discovered Root & Bone on instagram. Instagram is actually where I discover most of the New York City restaurants, bakeries, and what have not's that I want to check out. The Executive Chef at Root & Bone is Jeff McInnis who you may recognize from his time on Top Chef (my mom and I love that show and this year they are in Boston, YAY). 

If you go to Root & Bone you must try the chicken (obviously) and I also suggest the waffle fries. Since I'm a BIG fries connoisseur please take my word that they are delicious especially because they come with a chunky remoulade. When it comes to fries I love something to dip them into and that sauce was AMAZING!

Of course we had to order the southern style cornbread with whipped buttermilk cream & house-made preserve. I'm not a big berry preserve person but it was actually quite good and you can tell that its made with fresh berries. The cornbread was delicious and the tiny flakes of thyme gave it a really great flavor.

Root & Bone only accepts reservations for large groups so if you are going on a date or with a friend I suggest showing up early. We arrived around 6:30PM and it was a 45min to an hour wait for two people on a Thursday night. The staff there is amazing, super nice! The hostess was lovely and I'm
definitely going to return to check out their brunch menu.

You know ... one of the reasons I adore H&M is because they ALWAYS have a sale going on! They always have some sort of discount, buy one get one, or something and that's what keeps me going back. A few months ago they had a huge Winter sale and I scored this really cute black dress for (drum roll) 10 bucks! It was originally around 60 and I loved the cut at the top. Even though the dress was a size 4 and I typically wear a 6 I bought it anyway. I figured if I couldn't fit it then I only lost 10 bucks, luckily for me I must have shed some pounds because I managed to squeeze myself into this number for a Birthday party event. 

Are you ready for the Fall? I can't believe it's almost Halloween.
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