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Thursday, October 9, 2014
All Summer I tested the Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails. These super affordable press-on's which range from $5.99 to $7.99 can be found at drug stores like Walgreens, CVS and Target (locations). When I think of press on nails I think of this scene from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Classic! So, I was never really a big fan of them until I was able to test them out recently. Press-On nails have both positive and negative attributes and I'm going to break them down but first check out some of the nails that I wore this Summer.

How To Use It:
When the nails arrived they came in this cute little fake "nail polish" container. You'll get enough to use them more than one time and trust me you'll need it because when one falls off you'll need another to replace it. The package comes with a tiny nail file and a wet wipe to clean your nails. The first time I did this I failed miserably. I applied them in the morning and by the evening I lost about four of them. My second time trying I decided to use a nail buffer to real smooth out my nail to prep them. Then I filed them a bit to get the shape just right and then I used the wet wipe to really clean them. Once I had super fresh nails I carefully selected the best press-on to fit my nail size. It's very important that you use the right nail size otherwise they may look a bit funny. The first time I did this I also put the nails on the wrong way! (see: the multi-colored nail photo above) the top of press-on where your cuticle is should be flat and not lifted up.  Once you've removed the plastic strip on the press-on and pressed the fake nail on to your nail, hold it firmly in place so that it really sticks on. Apply some pressure! It took a few whirls but eventually I got the hang of it and it wasn't that bad! For the majority of the time the nails did stay on for up to a week! Depending on how active you are with your hands they should last. Would I suggest playing flag football? cleaning out your closet? or gardening with them on? No, more than likely one will fall off. Though, I was able to wash my hair and put my hand under water without the nail falling off. The adhesive will work as long as you really push it down on your nail.

Some may find it annoying for a nail to occasional fall off but for $5.99 press-on's are a quick little solution when you just don't have time (or the money) to get your nails done professionally. I often wore my press-on nails right before an event or out for an outing with friends and even once on a date. I enjoyed wearing them because I could switch up my nails every week. When you get your nails done professional you are pretty much stuck with that same look until it fades away. Some may think the adhesive would cause damage to my nail but surprisingly my nails got healthier during this process. I was finally able to give them a break from gels and polish and by filing and buffing them weekly they looked shiny, long and healthy. Hey!!!!

Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails:
- Nails come in a variety of lengths 
- Super affordable and accessible in most drug stores
- Easy, fun solution to switching up your look 
- Improved nail quality, get healthier and longer nails 
- Nails come in a variety of looks - fun, funky to sophisticated 

- Only lasts less than a week

Final thoughts:  Great product! I'm hooked. I don't wear these all of the time but they are fun to pop on (literally) when I want some cute nails for the week. Most people wouldn't be able to tell just by looking that they are press-ons. Great quality! 

Next, I'm testing out the press on PEDICURE! Would you wear Press-on nails?
Comment below why or why not. 

Disclosure: The products were provided to me by a PR company but the opinions of the products are my own. 

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