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Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm sure many of you know by now my hairstory. I've written lots of features on my hair in the past like
this one, and this one. For those that don't know about it, here is a quick recap. I think around 2008 I highlighted my hair and then highlighted it again honey blonde. It looked great but it dried my hair out and eventually I had to cut it to my shoulders to get all of the damage off. At the time I was using a relaxer but was extremely careful about managing my hair with the color. I decided to stop relaxing my hair until my hair was less damaged but eventually realized I no longer needed to use a relaxer and have been perm free for six years. Yipee!

I haven't had much of a desire to color my hair until the Ombre sensation began. I absolutely love the way Ombre hair looks! Love, Love, Love! I desperately thought of ways I could achieve this look without damaging my own hair. I tried clip ins, I could obviously get a weave (but I've never had one before), or I could try a wig! A wig would allow me to try it without commitment and I could wear it whenever I wanted to for fun. I thought why not! I decided to try It's a Wig HW High Ari Wig in the color 3590 available for purchase in beauty supply stores nationwide. If this is something you are planning on wearing every day all day then I suggest purchasing a human hair wig. Since this was more so for fun and occasional appearances, I purchased the less expensive synthetic wig. The one thing people dislike about synthetic wigs is that the hair can be shiny. I made my wig less shiny by spraying it with Dry Shampoo spray.

When it arrived it came with a bump and a braid at the top much like the photo above. I personally didn't like the bump so I removed it as well as the braid. I put my hair in a wig cap and  pulled out the front part of my own hair to make it look more realistic. I have A LOT of hair so it was actually very difficult to get it in the wig cap. It's already long, so I tried to wrap it and pin it and then apply the wig cap on my head. If you are serious about wearing a wig then I suggest that you try and braid your hair. After struggling for a bit, this is what the end result looked like!

I decided to wear it on a night out with friends. A few people thought it was clip ins, no one thought it was a wig, which was great! I loved it! I was a bit hot wearing this in the Summer but I'd definitely wear it again in the Winter with a cute hat to change up my look one night for fun. Wearing a wig is great because I was able to achieve the look I wanted without coloring my own hair.

Stay tuned because I'll be posting a video of myself soo wearing this wig on my YouTube Channel.

4 comments on "IT'S A WIG! ... MY WIG EXPERIENCE "
  1. This is very pretty on you. Great alternative for protective styling too.

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