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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I absolutely love adding masks into my weekly facial routine. I've tried a variety of masks over the years and have discovered a few favorites along the way. Have you read my recent review of the world's most power facial mask? Click Here.  Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Polishing Mask, in Charcoal & Black Sugar is a mask that I discovered through social media. This affordable beauty gem will run you between $3-6 dollars at most drug stores. The mask and scrub works double time to detox the skin. First, naturally purifying Activated Charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities without over-drying. Then, Black Sugar helps exfoliate away dulling skin cells for softness and clarity.
How To Use It:
I like to wet my face before applying the mask. I apply a generous amount to the tips of my fingers and apply the mask on to my face. After I've applied the mask I like to gently rub it for 2 minutes as a scrub and then I leave it on my face for an additional 10-15 minutes. Unlike other masks I've tried, this mask will not leave your face hard. If you don't like the feeling of hardening then you will enjoy using this. Your face will feel slightly warmer.  When the time is up, I use a warm wash cloth to remove the product, and then I splash my face with cold water after everything is removed. Your skin will feel super spots and squeaky clean. Afterwards I usually apply tea tree oil in place of a moisturizer and I'm all done! 

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Polishing Mask (Charcoal & Black Sugar):
- Helps repair the skin - helps reduces the appearances of pores and dark spots
- Reduces acne/pimples/blemishes
- Scrub and Mask combo - Dual-Action Purifying Mask & Smoothing Exfoliant
- Smells really good 
- Affordable 
Not tested on animals
- Perfect for all skin types

- Doesn't harden (some people believe it's more of a scrub than a mask) 
- Causes a warm sensation
- The scrub can be a little harsh on the skin, rub slowly and carefully

Final thoughts:  I have no interest in using the Aztec Clay Facial every week! That mask is a product I would use maybe 1-2 times a month because it's super intense. What's great about the Freeman mask is that you can use this product every day or every other day if you wanted to. It's a great scrub/mask combo. I didn't experience any intense redness or irritation after using it. Since I have combination skin this product has done an excellent job reducing the oil in my skin. It smells great and because it does not harden I'm comfortable walking around my apartment cooking, cleaning, etc without feeling like I need to sit completely still and not move for 10 mins. 

If you want to test this product before purchasing the entire amount, you can buy a sample size for only $1.99 CLICK HERE.

Have you tried any of the other facial masks from the Freeman line? Comment below.

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