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Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Have you tried a gel manicure before? I had my very first one a month or so ago after seeing a friends great results. Gel nails are made using a ultraviolet or L.E.D light. It seems like the hottest trend right now because of its ability to maintain a perfect manicure for several weeks. I notoriously always get my nails done and discover a day or so later I chipped off some of the polish. I was curious how well a gel manicure would hold up on my hands. I was pleasantly surprised how long they did last me and I received a lot of compliments from friends.

First day gel manicure 

Not everyone is excited about Gel manicures. Some people believe the use of UV lights can lead to cancer. I did some research before getting my manicure and read that because of the low UV levels, the skin cancer risk remains small. If you're concerned about the UV exposure, you can do a few things to protect yourself. 1). Apply sunscreen to your hands 15 minutes before heading to the nail salon. 2). Try to find a salon that uses LED lights, which carry less of a risk then UV lights because you don't have to put your hands under them for as long 3). Avoid using nail polishes that have BHA on the label, butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA), is a known cancer-causing agent 4). Go to a recommended nail technician with a lot of experience. Some people are also worried about the gel removal process is harsh to the nail and can cause the nail to thin. This is also why it's important to go to a trusted nail technician that understands how to remove the gel properly.

Three 1/2 weeks after my gel manicure 

How do you feel about gel manicures? Comment below.
8 comments on "MY FIRST GEL MANICURE "
  1. i think this is really cool. i've never had gel nails before.

    1. I love how it turned out and that it lasts a very long time. I think you will be pleased : )

  2. I love them, especially if I'm going away, and to a beach. Regular manicures never last if you're in and out of the water


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