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Friday, July 11, 2014

A week ago I went to visit my friend Yena in Sunny California! I was super excited to leave New York City for some relaxation and fun. One morning Yena told me we were going to ride bikes down to grab some breakfast before beginning our day. A rush of embarrassment came over me as I revealed to her "I can't." With a stunned look on her face she realized that her friend does not know how to ride a bike!

When something is easy people often use the phrase "Its like a riding a bike" 
yeah .. that expression never did much for me.

It all started back when I was a little girl in elementary school. I never had a desire to ride a bike (without training wheels) and it never crossed my Mothers mind to teach me. Then one day my teacher announced we would be having "Bike Day." I died inside! I went home that day and cried to my Mom. What was I going to do? Imagine riding a bike up a hill, around orange cones, through an obstacle course in front of the entire school. Bike Day was quickly approaching and I literally tried to not go to school that day. That wasn't going to work with Mom (I got an award in middle school for never missing one day of school). So, I went to Bike Day and I sucked! After that experience I swore off bike riding and haven't been back on one since.

I thought about how fun it would of been to hop on the bike and grab breakfast with Yena that day. Or how about in the future when I'm on vacation, I'd like to ride my bike on a boardwalk, or through the streets of Paris or teach my kids! It's time that I hop back on but I don't think I can do it unless I have some support. It's not that I'm DYING to get back on it ... I'm hoping with some encouragement I'll do it and won't quit this time.

So, in order to get this done I'll need to buy a bike and that's when you come in. I've thought about buying a bike before but I always backed out of the idea. I believe with your support I'll have no choice but to follow through since you were so supportive of me getting back on and I'll gladly share a video and photos of me riding it on my instagram page (@LoveJonesy) when it's all said and done!  

Check out my CrowdTilt fundraising page! Stay tuned for a future post where I'll share more details about the company and my campaign journey! 
2 comments on "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE (SIGH) "
  1. Aww I didn't know you didn't know how to ride a bike! It's never too late to learn. I want to get a bike, too! Great idea to raise funds for it.

    1. Yup so sad lol Chloe will be able to learn before me at this rate hahaha


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