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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I had the best weekend in Cape May, New Jersey to celebrate my friend Todd's wedding. My friends and I drove up to Cape, May early Friday morning and stayed at the historic Inn of Cape May. The Inn of Cape May features fifty one unique hotel rooms, each furnished with wicker and antiques, many featuring views of the Atlantic ocean. Although the building is historic, they do offer modern day comforts such as WiFi, cable TV and air conditioning. The hotel also gave us up to $11 worth of free breakfast for each morning of our stay. The staff was friendly and very helpful, they even allowed us to bring our own champagne bottles to breakfast even though they don't advertise that they are BYOB.

On Friday we hit the beach which was directly across from our hotel. At night we enjoyed live music at one of the hotel bars, and we even managed to sneak in a bite at Hot Dog Tommy's before our entire trip was over. Hot Dog Tommy's is a Cape May's staple hot dog joint with a line wrapped around the block. The stand is famous for having over 20 unique toppings to create a very memorable hot dog experience.

The wedding took place at Congress Hall, a beautiful, ocean front property that has been the host of many Cape May weddings and extravagant affairs for many years.

For the wedding I decided to wear the Nikola Halterneck Shift Dress in Cobalt Blue from (shown below in a size 4), and my friend also had a blue dress on!

I decided on a very subtle lip color and filled my lips in with the MAC Cremestick liner color in Beurre. It was hot last weekend but thanks to my Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray my MAC Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15 did not budge. Before applying my foundation I primed my face with the MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance. I'm obsessed with the Anastasia Beverly Hill Dipbrown Pomade (Chocolate) and used that to fill in the sparse areas of my eyebrows. I topped everything off with dramatic eyes using the Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara!

That was my last wedding of the Summer and it was a blast! For more photos follow me on INSTAGRAM and like my FACEBOOK page. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I spent 4th of July in sunny Los Angeles this year to visit my High School friend Yena. I couldn't wait for this vacation to catch up and also check out her new company, Sew FYI. If you are in the L.A area and love to sew or are interested in learning how to sew, you should definitely check them out. 

Watch the video below.

Jonesy & Yena on our way from LAX

In addition to LA I spent time in Palm Springs, CA. It's beautiful there but VERY hot! I protected my hair by using the Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy by Garnier. Marvelous Oil can be used in any of 5 ways:  Pre-shampoo treatment, boost conditioning, blow-dry protector, Hi-Watt Shine: Finish, and as an overnight hair treatment to restore softness while you sleep. I used it for shine finish and also as a heat protector. My main concern was that the desert heat would dry out my natural hair but with this oil it was able to stay moisturized. Yay!

I had several places on my L.A food bucket list but the biggest one was The Boiling Crab (Thanks to John Legends wife Chrissy Teigen who frequently posts images on her instagram from the seafood spot). We went to the location in Koreatown. It was PACKED, the wait was at least 2 hours. 

Here is a tip: if you get your food 2-Go they have a cafe/restaurant across from it that will allow you to eat there as long as you order drinks. They even set the table for you and everything. Its really no different than getting your food at the restaurant except you don't have a server bringing you the food and you save two hours of waiting. The food is messy but super delicious. I believe I got medium heat and my friends who got mild and can usually handle spice said that level was extremely SPICY so beware! 

I didn't get to do too much shopping but I stumbled upon these sneakers! Very cute but unfortunately they didn't have my size. Check out my thumbnail airplane design in honor of my trip! Read more about my experience with Gel Manicures by clicking here.

Or course if I'm in Cali I have to have a taco! I LOVE Mexican food especially fish tacos. On our drive back from Palm Springs we stopped at Crazy Coyote. The tacos were so good! The place has been around for years and definitely didn't disappoint.

On my very last day my friend took me to the L.A flower district. The flowers were so beautiful. I think my favorite was the orchid. They had so many of them! I wish I could of brought one back home with me to New York but it inspired to get one when I got back home.

I was also able to try something I've never had before, soup dumplings! They were so delicious. Have you tried them? We got them from ROC in L.A. We also ordered glass noodles with crab which were delicious and my first time trying that as well. I'm reminded whenever I'm out with friends that I need to be more open about trying new foods, I'm a picky eater. When I posted this image on instagram everyone was so proud of me for eating it. Pretty funny!

Now for the best part of all Blockheads Shavery! What in the world .... I've never had anything so good. Why don't we have this in New York? It seriously made me want to open one so I could eat this stuff all the time. My friend suggested that I try the original flavor and add condensed milk so I did. I also added brownie bites (indulging on vacation) and walnuts. This was so delicious! It's a cross between ice cream and a snow cone. It's a frozen block of sweetened milk that is thinly shaved onto a bowl or plate and topped with various fun things like candy, mochi and red beans. Sooooo good!

Overall I had a super fun trip and I can't wait to go back and visit more friends next time around!


Friday, July 11, 2014

A week ago I went to visit my friend Yena in Sunny California! I was super excited to leave New York City for some relaxation and fun. One morning Yena told me we were going to ride bikes down to grab some breakfast before beginning our day. A rush of embarrassment came over me as I revealed to her "I can't." With a stunned look on her face she realized that her friend does not know how to ride a bike!

When something is easy people often use the phrase "Its like a riding a bike" 
yeah .. that expression never did much for me.

It all started back when I was a little girl in elementary school. I never had a desire to ride a bike (without training wheels) and it never crossed my Mothers mind to teach me. Then one day my teacher announced we would be having "Bike Day." I died inside! I went home that day and cried to my Mom. What was I going to do? Imagine riding a bike up a hill, around orange cones, through an obstacle course in front of the entire school. Bike Day was quickly approaching and I literally tried to not go to school that day. That wasn't going to work with Mom (I got an award in middle school for never missing one day of school). So, I went to Bike Day and I sucked! After that experience I swore off bike riding and haven't been back on one since.

I thought about how fun it would of been to hop on the bike and grab breakfast with Yena that day. Or how about in the future when I'm on vacation, I'd like to ride my bike on a boardwalk, or through the streets of Paris or teach my kids! It's time that I hop back on but I don't think I can do it unless I have some support. It's not that I'm DYING to get back on it ... I'm hoping with some encouragement I'll do it and won't quit this time.

So, in order to get this done I'll need to buy a bike and that's when you come in. I've thought about buying a bike before but I always backed out of the idea. I believe with your support I'll have no choice but to follow through since you were so supportive of me getting back on and I'll gladly share a video and photos of me riding it on my instagram page (@LoveJonesy) when it's all said and done!  

Check out my CrowdTilt fundraising page! Stay tuned for a future post where I'll share more details about the company and my campaign journey! 


Thursday, July 3, 2014
It's almost time for the 4th of July and I'm off to sunny Los Angeles tomorrow morning. I'm so excited! 
How are you jazzing up your look to get into the Holiday spirit? I recently got custom nail art for the big day and my trip to LA. Don't have time to get custom nail art before the holiday? No worries! 

Here are some quick easy beauty ideas to get you by!

(Nails by Pure Nail in Brooklyn, New York)

Add a flash of color to your locks with L'OrĂ©al Professionnel HAIRCHALK ($24.00 / in Coral Sunset, and blue, Blue Ocean Cruise.  The high-intensity pigmented polish works on all hair types and shades with no chalky residue or color transfer and lasts for up to 2-10 shampoos – perfect for a long weekend!
Achieve the "All American" nail art with KISS and Broadway Nails with these simples steps and recommended kits!

LOOK 1: Red, White and Blue Galaxy Nails
 Use the KISS Galaxy Effects Kit (which includes 3 polish shades in red, white and blue and 1 glitter top coat! Plus a dotting tool and sponge)
$7.99 / Walgreens

LOOK 2: American Flag
Use Broadway Nails' imPRESS Press-On Manicure ($5.99 - $7.99 / Walgreens) in “Bright as a Feather” as your base nail. Diagonally paint the bottom left hand corner of the imPRESS nail with red polish. Take KISS Nail Artist Paint ($6.99 / Walgreens) in white to draw in the stripes directly over the red polish. To finish off the look, use the silver stars from the KISS Salon Secrets ($9.99 / Walgreens) and place them on the upper right hand corner of the imPRESS nail by using top coat so it adheres onto the nail.

What are your plans for the 4th of July? Comment below! Have a great one : )

Disclosure: The products were provided to me by a PR company but the opinions of the products are my own. 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Have you tried a gel manicure before? I had my very first one a month or so ago after seeing a friends great results. Gel nails are made using a ultraviolet or L.E.D light. It seems like the hottest trend right now because of its ability to maintain a perfect manicure for several weeks. I notoriously always get my nails done and discover a day or so later I chipped off some of the polish. I was curious how well a gel manicure would hold up on my hands. I was pleasantly surprised how long they did last me and I received a lot of compliments from friends.

First day gel manicure 

Not everyone is excited about Gel manicures. Some people believe the use of UV lights can lead to cancer. I did some research before getting my manicure and read that because of the low UV levels, the skin cancer risk remains small. If you're concerned about the UV exposure, you can do a few things to protect yourself. 1). Apply sunscreen to your hands 15 minutes before heading to the nail salon. 2). Try to find a salon that uses LED lights, which carry less of a risk then UV lights because you don't have to put your hands under them for as long 3). Avoid using nail polishes that have BHA on the label, butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA), is a known cancer-causing agent 4). Go to a recommended nail technician with a lot of experience. Some people are also worried about the gel removal process is harsh to the nail and can cause the nail to thin. This is also why it's important to go to a trusted nail technician that understands how to remove the gel properly.

Three 1/2 weeks after my gel manicure 

How do you feel about gel manicures? Comment below.

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