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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My friend Kim Porter told me about a new Brush Shampoo from Clean Apothecary. It sounded fabulous so I added it to my Christmas Wish List this year. Unfortunately, the product was in such high demand around the Holidays that I had to wait for it to be in stock for a while. I love it! The Clean Shampoo line comes in a variety of scents - I purchased the Lemon Olive Oil Brush Shampoo. Prior to using this product I was using baby shampoo to clean my makeup brushes and sponges. Although the baby shampoo worked well, it took me a while to get all of the dirt and makeup off of my brushes. It also made my cleaning area a bit messy. The first time I tried the Clean Brush Shampoo I was amazed how quickly it cleans my brushes. After just a few swirls around the container and a rinse my brushes looked as good as new. It was amazing! The company states that they try to make CLEAN as organic as possible. They use all organic essential oils, palm oils, coconut oils, & safflower oils.

Here are the pros and a con!


Ingredients: Olive oil, glycerin, palm oil, tea tree oil. coconut oil, safflower oil & lemon essential oil.

- Available in 2oz or 4oz
- Cleans brushes quickly and thoroughly 
- Easy to use and store away, no mess 
- Slight fragrance 
- Does not leave your brushes feeling heavy, greasy or slick
- Generous amount of product for the cost that will last you a long time
- Accessible packaging container that allows you to use all of the product until it is finished

- Company only ships twice a week 

Final thoughts: Love it! I use to dread cleaning my brushes because I knew it was going to take a long time to get through everything. With this product I can do it super quick and clean it very well. I also love that it leaves no mess in my bathroom (where I typically wash the brushes).

Check out Kim's YOUTUBE video, demonstrating how to use this product
 & subscribe to her channel. Thanks for the suggestion Kim!

Do you have a favorite brush cleaner? Comment below.

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