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Friday, April 25, 2014
Last weekend I traveled home to Boston to visit my family and friends. I had such a great time! I haven't been home since Christmas. Time goes by fast because I didn't notice that it had been that long. Saturday night I met up with my friends who I've known since we were in middle school. My best friend I've known since I was five years old! We decided to go Downtown to have dinner and stopped by the Boston marathon finish line to take photos. All my life I don't have one memory of going down to the marathon site but because of what happened last year I thought I should go and pay tribute. 

I definitely did not know those people were behind me lol. Kind of crazy to think that I felt absolute no one around me while taking that picture. My friend Jackie, the photographer, didn't even warn me and gave no sign that someone was standing near me. I was curious why she was taking so long to take a photo and then I realized after seeing it what happened. Crazy story, I posted the image on Instagram and it turns out someone recognized one of the people in the photo and tagged them in the picture. Social media is wild! 

Yay for Spring! I love flowers and stumbled across a vendor selling these beautiful roses outside. Check out the variety of beautiful spring colors.

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is a hot Mexican spot in Boston that my friends like to go to. I was super excited to try it because at the end of your meal they give you free cotton candy. Two of my friends ordered the ribs, I don't even like ribs and these looked really amazing. I ordered the chicken tacos because I loveeee tacos! Later I saw a photo of the grilled chicken salad and wished I got that instead. 

My Grandmother and I have a lot in common. She loves makeup just as much as I do. I remember as a kid watching her apply her makeup in the mirror and curling her hair. My mom is the opposite, she didn't start getting into makeup until I showed her how to do it. When I arrived home for Easter in a jean button down shirt and leggings, I was shocked to see that my grandmother had the exact same shirt! She is very fashionable so I shouldn't be that surprised.

After Easter dinner my family surprised me with a Birthday cake! My birthday is on Tuesday the 29th. Since I won't be home to celebrate it they wanted to do something special for my big day. I was so full from Easter dinner, I only managed to eat a tiny slice. I meant to take a few pieces with me to New York and totally forgot that morning. I was bummed! This giant birthday cake for me and I barely ate it. 

I'm excited for my Birthday next week and starting a new year!

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  1. That food looks so good! Love your family :)

    Have you ever gone to the Sam Adams brewery? I want to visit.


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