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Monday, April 14, 2014
I had a great weekend and it was centered around friends and food (not planned). I kicked off the weekend Friday night with my friend Alexis. We were meeting up for drinks but then ended up at one of our favorite spots, Pio Pio. The restaurant is known for its amazing chicken, delicious sangria and this spicy green sauce. Our waiter was so nice he gave me extra green sauce to take home. Boom! This place definitely always gets two thumbs up. Clearly we didn't finish all of this food.

I spent some time on Saturday with my friend Beverly. She just got a new dog, a cutie pie Shar Pei named Sasha. I absolutely am obsessed with Beverly's apartment. It's so cute! Every time I go there I want to go back home and redecorate mine. She has this really cool Bull's Head (don't panic its animal-friendly faux taxidermy) from Z Gallerie because she's a Taurus. I'm also a Taurus and I really want to get this for my place. She has it in her living room and it brings a lot of personality to the room. She recently traveled to Morocco and gifted me this amazing Argan oil. It's supposed to be the best! I've been using it everywhere, my hair and my body and so far I love it. For dinner we went to this seafood market in Harlem and I had the most amazing crab legs. Delish!

Sunday I went with Ariel and Dani to Shopsins in the city. Shopsins is this insane restaurant with a million items on the menu. No joking, look at the image below. It's a tiny little shop. I was excited about going because it's on my New York food bucket list. Lately, I've been doing a really great job tackling this list which makes me excited. This restaurant sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. They have a lot of really unusual combinations. The one I decided to try was the mac n' cheese pancakes. I thought you might find that odd so I found this video for you to watch! 

I prefer eating healthy. I try to avoid bread when possible, I eat a lot of vegetables and mostly fish and some chicken. This weekend I wanted to splurge and boy did I. I can honestly say it was delicious but when I got home I was so exhausted. It was way too heavy.  I don't normally look forward to work outs but I am looking forward to mine tomorrow (ha!). I started the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred again. Usually in the Spring/Summer I get focused on eating well and working out. I've already started seeing great results and it motivates me to keep going.

Overall it was a great weekend. I enjoyed talking to my friends about a variety of things going on in our lives and things we want in the future. I am very appreciative that I have these women in my life to lean on for support.

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend as well!

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