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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On a typical New York weekend my mornings are spent doing a chore around the home. Either cleaning or organizing my closet. I'm generally up extremely early (no later than 10AM) not purposely, if I could I would. I'm a super morning person who finds it difficult to sleep in, even on nights when I've been out late. After I'm done doing my chores I'll run an errand. On Sunday's I typically enjoy going to brunch. This past weekend, I went to Sotto 14 in the city which hosts a fabulous tapas style brunch (menu). For $29 per person you can enjoy a "Boozy Brunch" which includes tapas or pizza plus unlimited brunch cocktails. This restaurant also has a DIY Prosecco Bar. The concept allows Brunchers to become their own mixologists with a bottle of prosecco and a tray of five mixers, including signature fresh juices, liqueurs and toss-ins like candied ginger, fresh berries and more. 

We ordered the cacio e pepe which is a soft scrambled egg with cacio cheese and cracked black pepper. The egg benedict with rosemary ham and hollandaise. Sounds crazy but it was my first time trying a poached egg. For something sweet, we ordered the french toast with berry compote and vermont maple syrup. And topping off the list was the baked crespelle with baby spinach, ricotta cheese, tomato and bechamel sauce. For sides we got the applewood smoked bacon, and crispy rosemary potatoes with red peppers and parmigiano cheese. Seems like a lot of food huh? It was just enough!

Too bad we didn't have room for dessert because they had these fabulous warm bomboloni “fried doughnut holes” with warm nutella-chocolate sauce. I never have room for dessert which is one of my favorite parts of dining. I think next time I'd order the donuts first as an appetizer so I can make sure to fit it in.

It's still cold in New York. Enough already, it's April! It's also very rainy. I must admit I do love dressing for the Fall/Winter more than the Summer but I wish the weather would improve. I love to layer up, wear hats, coats, and a scarf. I'm going to miss my bin of beanies but I'm sure my hair could use a break from it. Speaking of hair, did you read my post about the new product I'm loving? Click Here to learn about this fabulous new hair oil that's making my hair less frizzy and is adding shine.

After brunch I stopped by the Everyday People's Brunch in Harlem hosted by Chef Roble. Great for people watching. A lot of fabulous fashion by the men and women as well. A lot of networking and meeting new people which is what I love most about New York. Another thing I love about New York is the street art.

Can you guess who this is an image of? Comment below. 

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