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Sunday, March 9, 2014
Yup, that's me. Mini Jonesy from back in the day. I had a lot of hair and my mom had no clue how to do it (I knew she couldn't). After I hit 5th grade she decided to make my life easier (and hers) and I got my first perm. From that point on, it became a tradition for me to join my mother and grandmother at the hair salon. I enjoyed it, three generations using the same hair stylist.

I continued perming my hair for years until one day I got highlights. The damage I caused my hair by highlighting it golden blonde like Beyonce, forced me to go back to my natural hair, and here I am five or ... six years later (I lost count) PERM FREE! After year one, my hair became a lot healthier and I had no interest in applying any more harsh chemicals to it. Sometimes I wonder what my hair would be like today, if my Mom never permed it.

At this very moment, I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I can't stand it. These images below are from this Summer when I actually didn't mind my hair. It was long, growing, and healthy. But I became frustrated and bored and started to use my curling iron/flat iron/curling wand to style it. Eventually, I got heat damage (shocker) and had to cut off my ends this past Fall. The one good thing about my hair is that it grows fast so I'm almost back to this length but it was a set back.

My co-worker has beautiful curly hair and she really wants me to embrace my own. My friends do as well. They even gave me a gift card to Devachan Salon to encourage me to rock curly hair more often. I know if I dedicated a solid year to taking care of my hair, aka stop using heat, and wearing it completely natural (meaning in its natural curly state) my hair would drastically change but I struggle with wearing it that way. For one, it makes me look much younger! Check out the video below.

It's difficult for me to get use to seeing myself with that hair because I've worn my hair straight for so long. To get the appearance of straight hair without getting a perm, I have been going to Dominican Salons ever since I went natural. With a blow dryer and a really good brush they can get my hair super straight! So straight, that people sometimes believe I'm lying when I say i don't have a perm. The downside to this is that these salons apply a lot of heat to the hair. First, you sit under a dryer for an hour and 30mins, then they blow it bone straight with a blow dryer. I don't go often because of this but I still do go.

Right now, I'm stuck with what I should do. I have a decision to make ... continue like I've been doing or transition and seriously try to wear my hair curly for at least a year and see how it goes. I believe in doing that my hair could grow a lot faster, healthier and thicker.  The big chop, is out of the question. I admire any woman that can do it. I've seen women do it and they have beautiful hair but I struggle getting a trim so I can't imagine cutting all of my hair off, no matter what the outcome will be.

I'm heading into another Birthday soon and I want my hair to be healthy and long! I guess I'll make a decision sometime this month. Stay tuned ...

What are some of your personal hair concerns? Comment below.

7 comments on "I HATE MY HAIR "
  1. I felt somewhat the same way when I used to color my hair. My philosophy is do what you think would be best for you. If you feel like you have an unhealthy relationship with the heat and straightening (like I did with coloring) I say give it a break. You can always come back to it. Everything in moderation, right?

    1. Great advice Roaen! I was thinking of trying for a year and then going back to straight in moderation every once in a while. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep everyone posted : ) thanks for stopping by!

  2. Obtain natural hair care products! These products help keep both mother and baby safe. Though the newest chemical-ridden hair product may produce shine or curl in the short term, regular use usually causes long term damage. These products avoid harsh elements, gradually nourishing your hair to its healthiest state.

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I agree its important to use organic and natural products on adults and children. My cousin has a 1 year old and I suggested to him that he use organic products on her hair. Great advice.


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