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Tuesday, February 4, 2014
It seems like every time I try and go to the hair salon it rains outside or snows. Last Friday, after a full day of work I ran (literally) to the subway to get to my salon by 6:30PM. I didn't leave until 9:30PM and got home around 10PMish, tired and hungry! I just spent my Friday night in a hair salon. I thought about how great it would have been to get that sort of treatment at home. Then I came across GLAMSQUAD.

GLAMSQUAD sends one of their fully trained stylists – along with their favorite tools and products directly to your door, whether you’re at home, a friend’s or at the office. Gorgeous hair is now just a quick click away. How amazing is that? They suggest checking out the Glam Squad Style Guide for suggestions. After seeing the images on the site, I must admit being an African American female I questioned if these services would apply to me. None of the models had a similar hair texture as mine. Although, the idea of this service sounds great, my first question would be ... can you do all hair types? Not seeing someone with my similar hair texture might deter me from even considering this service. We'd love to think that all hair stylists are capable of doing all hair textures but sometimes that's just not true. Trust me, I've heard horror stories.

Can you make my hair go from this to that? (photo credit)

Once you'd decided on a style, using the app, go ahead and enter the date, time and desired location of your appointment on the book page. The team will send a message to your inbox generally within the hour. Your credit card will be saved in their system, so there’s no need to pay in person.

They recommend that you have your hair washed and wet at the time of appointment. They also recommend getting out of the shower 10-15 minutes in advance so you can dry off, put on a robe and find a place to sit, close to an electrical outlet and a surface for the stylist to leave his or her tools.

A regular blowout costs $50 (not including tax and tip). Braids cost $75, and updos cost $85 and up (not including tax and tip).  I think it would be really fun to have a girls night and get a glam squad to come out and pamper everyone! Sign up for the Glam Squad newsletter now and get 10% off your first order. I personally have not tried this service yet so I cannot provide a review of the services, but it sounds promising.

Would you try this service? Comment below.

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