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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Hello again! I've always been curious about stick foundations especially the Black Opal True Color Creme Stick Foundation. Not only is this product super affordable, at $9.50 but it offers really great coverage. When I wear this foundation, I use a combination of two colors, Truly Topaz and Heavenly Honey. I use the lighter color, Heavenly Honey, on the areas of my face I'd like to highlight. It's a bit heavy if you apply the stick directly to your skin but that method does make my skin flawless. For lighter coverage, use your finger tips to remove some product from the top of the stick, then apply it to your face and blend. I personally prefer something a lot more lightweight and natural. This product is great for special occasions and especially if you are being photographed. Check out the bottom for the pros and cons of this product!

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- This product contains SPF8
- Affordable & available at most drug stores
- Comes in a variety of shades for women of color 
- Great coverage, hides blemishes, dark spots, fine lines
- Fragrance free
- Blends easily with a damp beauty blender sponge
- Generous amount of product that will last you a long time & great for travel
- Paraben-Free 

- Does rub off easily - it left some residue on my hat
- Thick consistency, a bit heavy

Final thoughts: This foundation is super perfect for photos and a fun night out for a special event. I've worn it for the past few weeks to write this review, and I'm still playing around with it.  I just read a tip on the website, instead of applying the stick directly to the skin, if you use your fingertips and stroke the top of the stick, then apply to the face one area at a time, it will appear less heavy. I set the foundation using a translucent HD powder and my Urban Decay setting spray. To give myself more of a golden/bronze look I added the Sonia Kashuk Goddess Bronzer, MAC Golden Bronze Iridescent Powder, and contoured using the Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Creamy Beige. Overall if you are looking for a foundation that gives really great coverage, definitely consider purchasing the Black Opal True Color Creme Stick Foundation. 

Have you tried any Black Opal Products? Comment below.

  1. A lot of makeup artists use this, one of them, Sam Fine. A good way to apply it is to take a bit off onto the back of your hand (it helps warm it up and make it easier to work with), and then dot it over these four areas of your face: forehead, left & right cheeks, and chin. Then blend with your favorite brush or sponge. Another way to thin it out is to add a moisturizer to it, but make sure it's the same formulation.

    1. Thank you!!!! I actually read on the website that rubbing it on your finger tips and applying it to the skin makes it a lot less heavy. I did it this morning and I liked the results A LOT better. I'll try applying it tomorrow to the back of my hand to warm it up. I do love how much coverage you get, it makes your skin look baby smooth. Thanks for the tip Kimmy! : )

    2. You're welcome. It looks good on you, too.

  2. Your skin looks flawless! Looks like I may need to try this especially after watching and reading Kim's tip!

  3. your skin looks amaze

  4. That is a gorgeous color on you girl! Thanks for sharing. #SITSBlogging


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