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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Hello again! I've always been curious about stick foundations especially the Black Opal True Color Creme Stick Foundation. Not only is this product super affordable, at $9.50 but it offers really great coverage. When I wear this foundation, I use a combination of two colors, Truly Topaz and Heavenly Honey. I use the lighter color, Heavenly Honey, on the areas of my face I'd like to highlight. It's a bit heavy if you apply the stick directly to your skin but that method does make my skin flawless. For lighter coverage, use your finger tips to remove some product from the top of the stick, then apply it to your face and blend. I personally prefer something a lot more lightweight and natural. This product is great for special occasions and especially if you are being photographed. Check out the bottom for the pros and cons of this product!

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- This product contains SPF8
- Affordable & available at most drug stores
- Comes in a variety of shades for women of color 
- Great coverage, hides blemishes, dark spots, fine lines
- Fragrance free
- Blends easily with a damp beauty blender sponge
- Generous amount of product that will last you a long time & great for travel
- Paraben-Free 

- Does rub off easily - it left some residue on my hat
- Thick consistency, a bit heavy

Final thoughts: This foundation is super perfect for photos and a fun night out for a special event. I've worn it for the past few weeks to write this review, and I'm still playing around with it.  I just read a tip on the website, instead of applying the stick directly to the skin, if you use your fingertips and stroke the top of the stick, then apply to the face one area at a time, it will appear less heavy. I set the foundation using a translucent HD powder and my Urban Decay setting spray. To give myself more of a golden/bronze look I added the Sonia Kashuk Goddess Bronzer, MAC Golden Bronze Iridescent Powder, and contoured using the Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Creamy Beige. Overall if you are looking for a foundation that gives really great coverage, definitely consider purchasing the Black Opal True Color Creme Stick Foundation. 

Have you tried any Black Opal Products? Comment below.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014
I love L.A! Last month I was lucky to travel to Los Angeles for work at the Grammy Awards. It was amazing. I really enjoyed the entire experience. I was able to catch up with my friends Rose and Yena, so it was a sweet trip in total.

Since I don't eat burgers I ordered this Spicy Baja chicken sandwich from Smashburger with fries of course! This was one really good chicken sandwich.

I love the art on Venice Beach. I made a vow to pick up some pieces when I go back to California. A lot of amazing artists were drawing and painting on the boardwalk. The weather was perfect that day and the people were friendly. 

I stayed at the Beverly Hilton hotel! Lady luck was on my side because when I checked in I was upgraded to an executive suite. This hotel is really nice but the best part was the bath tub. I took a relaxing bath using the Peter Thomas Roth bath products that the hotel provided me.

Before I left for LA I got a pedicure and manicure at a local nail salon in my area. I wanted to try something different so I got this really pretty Essie Nail Polish.

The Grammy Red Carpet. I can now check this experience off of my bucket list!

Enjoying Venice beach! I wasn't hot, it was breezy in the morning.

My beautiful friend Yena. We've known each other since High School. When she arrived to pick me up we were both wearing white tops, jeans, a black purse and bright pink lip stick. Not planned. 
True friends! 

This has to be the smallest dog I've ever seen. It was so cute and it had a tutu. 

 Sigh, when I arrived back in New York I was a bit bummed. But it's not goodbye California, 
it's more like see you soon!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Every time I see my friend Rana I always comment on how amazing her hair is! Just look at it, healthy, shiny, thick and long. We may not be able to have hair exactly like Rana but we can sure try! Here are a few easy ways to get shiny healthy hair.

Shine serums are formulated to give frizzy hair a sleek shine. You can find a variety of these at any local drugstore, beauty supply store, or hair salon. These products moisturize your hair with a light concentration of oils or silicone. Try The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum.

A good leave in conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized. One of my favorites is Cantu Shea Butter Leave in. I also LOVE the AS I Am Coconut Co-Wash Conditioner. I never used this as a leave in, but I love it for a deep conditioning treating and it works amazing. My hair is always super shiny and soft. 

Be careful when using hot water! Really hot water can dry out your hair and leave it dull. Easier said than done but always try to rinse with cool water because it closes the cuticle. It's not fun to shower in cold water but your hair will love you afterwards. 

When your hair looks dry, add a spray-on shine product to make it appear less dry. Ojon and Pantene both sell great spray and shine products that can help you to achieve this look. 

A flatiron can help straighten hair but it's important to avoid overusing a flatiron because all of that heat-styling can dry out your hair! The new Bio Ionic flatiron contains silicone built into the plates rather than the typical ceramic or metal. The heated silicone glides right over the hair and straightens it in one pass, and it's been proven that silicone cuts the straightening time in half, which means less damage.

Have you ever considered getting a professional glossing treatment? It's meant to give your hair color more depth. A glossing is usually temporary, lasting about four to six shampoos, and glossing kits are available at some drugstores, so you can even try it out without hitting the salon. Check out the Fekkai Glossing Starter Kit.

Water is your friend! Remember I talked about it here? Drinking plenty of water will ensure that your hair is properly moisturized from the inside out. About eight glasses a day is ideal.

Make sure your diet contains good amounts of vitamins A and E for shiny, healthy hair. Also, make sure that you are eating lots of protein, which promotes hair growth. Eggs and nuts are great sources of protein.

I went natural a long time ago, I think it's been 6 years now? I lost track. I have not regretted that decision because I see a huge improvement in my hair. Shiny hair is healthy hair so limit exposure to harsh chemicals, like the chlorine in pools, and lye-based hair-relaxing creams. Use heat-styling as infrequently as you can, and avoid products that contain alcohol, which can dry out your hair and strip its shine. Each year I set a goal to do a "no heat challenge." I think the longest I've lasted was about 5 months and I noticed a HUGE difference with my hair. It looked so much more healthier.

How do you maintain shiny healthy hair? Comment below. 


Monday, February 17, 2014
Spring will be here before you know it. Get a head start on the latest hair trends and start practicing these new looks for the spring.

We're taking things to another level in 2014 with these unique ponytails. The average pony isn't cutting it these days. The hottest trend is combing two looks into one while forming a ponytail. Either a braided half pony, a half pony/half bun, or a twisted ponytail - use your creativity to find a look that suits you best.

Middle parts and extreme side parts aren't new but apparently a big thing this spring. I've been rocking my extreme side part since the days of Aaliyah. You remember her look right? click here. I personally can't deal with a middle part, I've tried and it never seems to look right one me. Perhaps this season I'll give it another whirl and see how it turns out.

Messy plaits are something I haven't tried yet. I am really bad at braiding my hair so the idea that the messier the better sounds amazing to me! I think I like J hud's version of this more because it's a bit tamer at the top. If you want to go all the way then definitely try a look like the model on the right.

I love this look but if only I could braid my own hair! I struggle, I need to practice. Braids have been around for a while now but this braided bun look will be hot this spring. I am definitely going to try it. If I can't do it myself I could always pop into a location like The John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman which will do the braids for you.

Mixed Textures hit the runway during New York Fashion Week this past week. It's a combination of two different hair textures into one. I still have mixed feelings about this look. What do you think about it? Comment below.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh the dreaded bloat! Never fun, especially surrounding major events like a vacation, a wedding, birthdays, etc. If I'm lounging in my home, bored, feet kicked up, wearing an over sized t-shirt, I could care less. But you just found this really cute tight fitting dress on sale at H&M and have to look great in it! So, what do you do? Well, I had that issue not to long ago and here are just a few suggestions that could save you ....

Yup, that's me! I chopped my head off in these photos because when I took them I didn't think I'd be posting them on a website. So, how did I go from the photo on the left to the photo on the right in ONE MONTH (before my birthday)? and then eventually the photo below? Find out how now!

Wait ... before we jump right in, lets find out why we bloat. Abdominal bloating is a condition in which the abdomen feels uncomfortably full and tight and may be visibly swollen. Bloating is a common complaint, and can affect both men and women of any age. While we are on this subject let me point out that I am not a doctor, I repeat ... I am not a doctor, but according to Dr. Oz "After you eat, acids begin the digestive process, but the bulk of the work is handled by the small intestine. There, enzymes process the sugars, protein, and fat and help your body absorb them. If large molecules of food survive that step, they arrive in the large intestine (colon) where bacteria finish the job. As they work, those bacteria release gas, and, voila, your intestines become distended, you feel overly full and crampy and your pants don’t fit as well (credit)."

Now, for the fun part. Here are some things you can do on your own to reduce bloating ... 

I have to be honest, I'm not a HUGE fan of water! Even when I eat a meal, I usually don't drink anything in the process. Weird, I've always done that since I was little. It takes a lot of effort for me to make sure I stay hydrated. I have to make a conscious effort to plan out my water intake. A lot of people skip water when they feel bloated, fearing it will make them even more bloated!  Retaining water is actually your body's way of holding on to fluid so you don't dehydrate. If you're having a bloating problem, you should want to push out fluids, not restrict them. Lemons are a natural diuretic and can work as a laxative when combined with water, consuming water and lemon can help reduce the amount of salt retained in the body. Remember H20 is your friend! In order to make sure I drink enough water each day I make an effort not to have any other options around. So my home is usually juice free and definitely soda free.

I never learned this until I did some research online. Celery has a high water content and helps to relieve fluid retention because it is a diuretic. This vegetable is high in fiber and very low in calories, and is an excellent snack choice when you are trying to reduce belly fat. Celery also has vitamin C, which can boost your immune system and brighten your complexion.

They don't call it beer belly for nothing! Limit your alcohol intake. When you drink a lot of alcohol you can get dehydrated, which will result in your body pulling in fluid. Ever wake up after a night of drinking and you are insanely thirsty? This is why. Go for the bottled water!

Lentils have a high amount of fiber and are a good choice for aiding with digestion. Beans are naturally high in both estrogen and protein and can relieve bloating. Potassium-rich foods include white beans, soybeans, and lima beans. My family is part Portuguese and growing up my Mother would make jagacida aka jag (which I hear is a Cape Verdean dish as well) and it consists of rice, sausage and beans. I never liked beans until I was an adult and I use to take the lima beans and eat everything else surrounding them. My mom would always remind me to eat them because they are good for me, turns out she was right.

I think everyone is aware that SALT & SUGAR have a huge impact on your digestion and can cause belly fat! It's very simple, keep your sodium and sugar intake to a minimum and choose organic over processed foods. Many people have issues with frozen meals provided by companies such as Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones, because they tend to be high in sodium. I believe over the years these companies have tried to reduce the amount of sodium in their products, but eating organic is always the way to go. Fresh turkey breast will have always less sodium than processed, packaged turkey. I try to eat as fresh as possible but it's hard because organic foods tend to be a lot more expensive. It's a big problem! Consult with a nutritionist to find out how much sugar and salt is acceptable based on your body.

Dandelion tea is my favorite! It doesn't taste half bad and it's a mild diuretic that will also help get rid of the water your body is holding onto. It help break down fatty meals that also make you bloated. Try drinking one cup per day but my suggestion is to do it at home especially the first time around so if it back fires on you, your not stuck at work dealing with it.

Physical fitness and getting into shape is an excellent way of toning down that tummy. Doing some form of physical activity can give your digestive system a boost. I especially love cardiovascular exercises, like aerobics and plyometrics. I really want to take up boxing but I'm just not sure when I'd have the time to do it. That is on my bucket list.

I was able to reduce my bloat and tone my tummy by doing the items above and combining it with the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred which is a 20 minute work out you can do 5 days a week from your own home. Yes, your own home! I am not a gym person. I get easily distracted (and even intimidated) so I prefer to work out in my home. Many people look down upon people who do at home work outs believing that they can't see great progress without being at a gym. I have seen great results from other people which inspired me to even try it. Also, this isn't the first time I've done an at home work out, in the past I've done P90X and Insanity.

In conclusion, just remember, when your stomach feels like it’s about to burst, drinking water may be the best quick fix. Water in your body will restore the sodium balance in the body and normalizes your digestive tract. Be sure to stay hydrated, by drinking the daily recommended amount of 8 (8-oz) glasses of water a day. Good Luck!

How do you deal with bloating? Comment below. 


Saturday, February 15, 2014
Meet Khendra ... she reps Brooklyn, loves fashion, rocks red hair, and is extremely funny!

What is your typical weekday morning beauty routine?
After hitting the snooze button for 30 minutes I frantically jump up and run to the bathroom and immediately brush my teeth. I know, its weird, but I have to brush my teeth first before I do anything else. Depending on the day of the week while in the shower I will either use a face scrub (usually St Ives Apricot Scrub) or just a little bit of mild soap to wash my face. I hardly wear make up to work but if I do it's the bare minimum -- concealer, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and blush. 

What is your favorite beauty product and why?
For my hair I really like Organix 'Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Weightless Oil Moisturizer'. It hydrates and doesnt weigh my hair down. A friend of mine introduced me to a new mascara to help with my short lashes. Its called Fiberwig by Dejavu. Its an asian brand that extends your lashes via fibers in the mascara. 

What makeup brand is your favorite and why?

What product have you used for years and continue to use?
The trifecta:  Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil, Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser, Sampar Eye Rule

Tell me a beauty secret
I use different body moisturizers based on season. In the fall/winter months I alternate between The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter & Olive Body Butter. They are thick, lock in moisture and prevent your skin from looking and feeling like its going to crack. During the summer I solely use sunblock. I don't have a favorite sunblock but anything SPF 30 & above does the trick. I also use a face and body scrub twice a week.

What is your favorite nail brand and why? 
Manicures are tedious! I get one every once in a while but I am a big advocate of nail stickers. My fave brands so far are Sephora & Sally Hansen. They last the longest (up to a week and a half with minor chippage) plus the designs are cute. Essie nail stickers disappointed me. I will soon try the gel stickers to see if they are worth the cash.

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
I use shampoos for color treated hair since I'm a red head. Redken and John Freida make great shampoo & conditioners for colored hair. My hair stylist also uses Cream of Nature, Jane Carter Solution and Nexxus products that are carried at my salon. I personally feel that switching up brands seasonally is necessary so my hair doesn't get used to a certain routine.

Have you tried a recent hair product you think is great? Why do you love it? 
So this summer I started wearing my hair curly (I've been natural all my life but I always flat iron my hair straight). A fellow natural friend of mine shared some products with me that didn't work on her hair in which I discovered nuNAATs Intensive Hair Mask w/Keratin. This conditioner was GOD sent. When I combed my hair in the shower, with the conditioner still in, the comb just slipped right through! No knots, tangles NADA. It was one of the many things I have been looking for in my slow transition to wearing my hair curly more often. 

What is your fashion style?
My style is pretty bi-polar haha. Some days I'm very girly in what I wear but other days it looks like I got dressed in a mans closet. I like to mix mens and womens wear often. I guess it keeps me balanced. Brawny and B****y at the same damn time!

Who is your favorite fashion designer? and why?
I have so many favorite designers! But if you're going to make me choose, it all comes down to DVF. Its iconic, feminine and always chic. Her designs make a woman look fabulous especially in dresses. If I could buy every wrap dress she ever made I would!

Want more Beauty & Fashion talk with friends? Check out my previous post

Photography By: Jonesy 


Friday, February 14, 2014

Are you a fan of nude lipsticks? Although, the colors are called nude your lips are not actually naked. It's the effort to achieve a perfect natural subdued lip. Be careful! The color that you choose should always balance the color of your skin tone in order to avoid looking washed out, tried or pale. I've had that happen a few times. Here are some of my personal favorites ...
Makeup Forever Iridescent Nude

Nars Belle de Jour - sheer nude beige

Revlon Soft Nude


Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lipstick Collection - Sin-A-Mon 

What is your favorite nude lip color? Comment Below 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Have you ever browsed, Living Social, and Groupon for teeth whitening deals, and then were disappointed after you saw how much it would cost to get the procedure done? I recently discovered I can get really great results for whiter teeth, by doing a few things myself at home. 

Check out these tips to get affordable whiter teeth in no time! 

EAT VEGGIES & FRUIT: Not only are they healthy alternatives for your body but also for your teeth. Crunchy and crispy fruits possess the ability to lift stains from the teeth and give the illusion that they are whiter. Think of it as a different type of tooth brush. According to, strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration on your teeth.  Crush the strawberry to a pulp like consistency and combine with ½ tablespoon of baking soda. Add it to your teeth and leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse.

SAY CHEESE: I recently read online that cheese after a meal can help prevent tooth decay. Researchers think cheese may help because it forces the mouth to produce more saliva, and compounds in cheese may adhere to teeth and protect them from acid. I love cheese so this was music to my ears.

SWAP OUT YOUR TOOTHBRUSH: It's been quite a long time since you purchased a new toothbrush and it might be time to change it if you want to see bright white teeth. You should change the head of your electric toothbrush or purchase an entirely new one at least every two to three months. Otherwise, you're just transferring bacteria to your mouth.

TRY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR OR BAKING SODA: Use this in the morning as your toothpaste and then brush as usual. This will help remove stains, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria in your mouth and gums. In a small cup, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water. Mix to form a paste. Dip your toothbrush into the cup, to cover the bristles with the baking soda paste and brush!

FLOSS: Personally I use to hate to floss, my dentist disliked me very much in high school because of that. As an adult, I know how important it is to do it. Carry floss with you between meals and you'll slowly begin to see the benefits of doing this daily.

COLOR YOUR LIPS: Did you notice that when you choose a medium coral or red lipstick your teeth appear whiter? These colors make your teeth look whiter, whereas lighter-colored lipsticks tend to bring out the yellow in teeth.

GO ON A WHITE DIET: You know that term you are what you eat? Try to stop drinking coffee, black tea, red wine, soda, and smoking cigarettes and you will start the phase of getting whiter results. I know harder said than done, I absolutely love coffee and love wine but test this theory out for a month and see how much progress you can make.

Do you have any affordable teeth whitening suggestions? Comment below.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day is almost here and I'm sure if you have plans on Friday you will be in search of something great to wear. What you decide to wear really depends on what you are doing. Even if it's a girls night out it's still a really great excuse to get all dolled up. Or maybe you are doing something more casual with your significant other like this DJ ?uestlove Bowl Train Bowlmance 2.0 event in Brooklyn, NY - which looks pretty awesome, bowling and old school bump & grind music sounds like a fantastic Valentine's Day to me. Then again, I'm pretty satisfied with just going to ihop for unlimited pancakes. To help you come up with a plan of action for the day, here are some tips .... 

If you plan on having a CASUAL Valentine's Day and still want to look cute but not too dressed up, go with a sexy top in a bright color and pair it with some jeans. Rock it with casual footwear like wedge sneakers and do a soft makeup look with a nude lipstick.

If you are being surprised and not sure what you are doing then go for a FLIRTY look, a gentle combo of sexy and casual. Try a mini skater skirt with over the knee boots and a cute blazer. Wear subtle makeup with a tinted lip gloss.

If you are planning on having a super special SEXY Valentine's Day, go all out and wear a form fitting dress and sexy heels. Go with a more dramatic makeup look and add a red lip like my favorite red lipstick riri woo by MAC.

Most importantly make sure that you are comfortable! Nothing more uncomfortable than going out in something you are completely unsure of. Be confident and have fun. Happy Valentine's Day! 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Looking for a Blissful Valentine's Day? Oh, Valentine's Day...  I have memories of it that travel back to Elementary school. I remember going to the store with my mom to pick up V-Day cards for my classmates.  Each student would have a brown paper bag hanging on the shelf that was decorated with hearts, and students would walk by and drop in Valentine's Day cards and candy.

Just in time for V-Day, this weekend I attended the star-studded Singles In America event sponsored by for delicious bites, amazing drinks by Van Gogh Vodka and of course some major dating advice from an expert panel featuring Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton, Chief Scientific Advisor for Dr. Helen Fisher, Cosmopolitan's Sex & Relationship Editor Anna Breslawand, and Leading Sex Expert and Bravo TV Star Dr. Emily Morse. The discussion was moderated by Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. The event, which took place at Toshi's Living Room in NYC. was very insightful and tons of fun!

So if you are single or dating someone new and in need of some expert dating advice here are a few tips that I learned during the event from our expert panel:
  • The issues you have on the 3rd date you'll have forever
  • 15mins is the max amount of time you can be late on a date, anything after that is rude
  • The best place to meet someone is online & the worst place is a bar
  • A man you just started dating probably does not like to receive text messages during work hours 
  • Do not cyber stalk your significant other! Maybe a couple of months in but not right away
  • It's important to have dating non-negotiables, but it's also important to have reasonable expectations
  • Singles assume that their love-interest isn't dating other ppl. Always assume they are in the beginning.
Before the event kicked off I had the opportunity to try some amazing cocktails by Van Goh Vodka, cafted by second generation Master Distiller Tim Vos.  The company has 22 flavor Vodkas and I sampled three. The standout was the Rich Dark Chocolate which had a brilliant and bold flavor. I also really enjoyed the Pomegranate which would be great on the rocks or mixed as a Vodka cocktail. It was amazing! Not only did I get the opportunity to sample products by Van Goh Vodka but Cocktail Guru, Jonathan Pogash, was on site to teach us how to make these drinks.

So, if you are planning a special V-Day celebration at home here is a special treat! Below you can find my favorite recipes of the night which we were all able to take home with us. 
I hope you enjoy them!

My Honey Valentine
Created by Jonathan Pogash, The Cocktail Guru
1-1/2 oz. Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka
3/4 oz. pomegranate juice
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
1/4 oz. honey syrup (equal parts honey and hot water stirred until the honey dissolves)
Shake ingredients very well with ice and strain into martini glass or over ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Cool Peach Bellini
Created by Jonathan Pogash, The Cocktail Guru
1 oz. Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka
1-1/2 oz. Peach Puree
3 oz. Prosecco
Directions: In a mixing glass stir the vodka and puree well. Add the Prosecco with ice and gently fold the ingredients (without stirring too much, as this will remove bubbles). Strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top off with extra Prosecco and garnish with a fresh peach when in season.

Spice It Up 
1 1/2 oz. Van Gogh Rich Dark Chocolate Vodka
3/4 oz. milk
1/2 oz. cinnamon syrup
Directions: Shake well with ice and strain into martini glass.
Garnish: pinch of chili powder sugar (equal parts cayenne pepper and sugar)

For more information on Van Goh Vodka Follow Van Gogh on Social Media:


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Van Gogh Vodka 


Sunday, February 9, 2014
Valentine's Day is around the corner, are you ready?! What better way to prep for date night than with a few quick beauty tips from Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist, Rebecca Restrepo and New York Times best-selling author, Emily Giffin.

BE BOLD! Rock a bold lip. 

“To find the right red for you, color the entire fingertip with a shade, then bring it up to your mouth to see if the red brightens your eyes and complexion. It should make your skin tone look vibrant and healthy, not sallow or ruddy.” –Rebecca Restrepo
Try Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in (L-R) Valentine, Red Door Red, Scarlet, Power Red, Red To Wear, Sangria and Rustic Red (SRP: $25.00)

The NEW beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick is super hydrating which is very important in the Winter. The colors are very vibrant and long lasting. Interested in trying a red? Go #ArdenRed. I personally love Valentine, which is a super sexy red color perfect for Valentine's Day! My next favorite is Pink Vibrations. In my previous post I talked about my love/hate relationship for the color pink. This color is more of a soft light pink, or a barbie pink. I think this would photograph very well on me so I am going to use it in a future video tutorial. I've provided swatches of both colors below. Both have a great shine and are extremely moisturizing for the lips.


“I wear UNTOLD for special occasions from Holiday parties to date nights to weddings - although I have found that it inspires me when I'm writing, too!” – Emily Giffin 

Finish off your Valentine's Day look with a spritz of Elizabeth Arden's UNTOLD (SRP:$79). This luxurious and modern floral composition, celebrates the sophistication and intrigue of the multi-faceted modern woman and will be sure to leave him intoxicated by your scent. 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014
I'll be honest pink is not my favorite lip color. I can do red, nude, purple, but PINK I struggle with. It looks amazing in photos but sometimes on myself it's a bit too much when I look in a mirror. I love it on other people so I struggle with my love for pink. Every time I wear it I end up changing my lip color. With that said, here are a few of my favorite pink lip colors for those scared to rock it.

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lip Color in 'Spellbound'

L'Oreal Paris Colour Richie Lipcolor Lipstick 'Tickled Pink'

MAC 'Girl About Town'

NYX 'Paris'

Maybelline 'Fushia Fever'

What's your favorite lip color? Comment below.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014
It seems like every time I try and go to the hair salon it rains outside or snows. Last Friday, after a full day of work I ran (literally) to the subway to get to my salon by 6:30PM. I didn't leave until 9:30PM and got home around 10PMish, tired and hungry! I just spent my Friday night in a hair salon. I thought about how great it would have been to get that sort of treatment at home. Then I came across GLAMSQUAD.

GLAMSQUAD sends one of their fully trained stylists – along with their favorite tools and products directly to your door, whether you’re at home, a friend’s or at the office. Gorgeous hair is now just a quick click away. How amazing is that? They suggest checking out the Glam Squad Style Guide for suggestions. After seeing the images on the site, I must admit being an African American female I questioned if these services would apply to me. None of the models had a similar hair texture as mine. Although, the idea of this service sounds great, my first question would be ... can you do all hair types? Not seeing someone with my similar hair texture might deter me from even considering this service. We'd love to think that all hair stylists are capable of doing all hair textures but sometimes that's just not true. Trust me, I've heard horror stories.

Can you make my hair go from this to that? (photo credit)

Once you'd decided on a style, using the app, go ahead and enter the date, time and desired location of your appointment on the book page. The team will send a message to your inbox generally within the hour. Your credit card will be saved in their system, so there’s no need to pay in person.

They recommend that you have your hair washed and wet at the time of appointment. They also recommend getting out of the shower 10-15 minutes in advance so you can dry off, put on a robe and find a place to sit, close to an electrical outlet and a surface for the stylist to leave his or her tools.

A regular blowout costs $50 (not including tax and tip). Braids cost $75, and updos cost $85 and up (not including tax and tip).  I think it would be really fun to have a girls night and get a glam squad to come out and pamper everyone! Sign up for the Glam Squad newsletter now and get 10% off your first order. I personally have not tried this service yet so I cannot provide a review of the services, but it sounds promising.

Would you try this service? Comment below.

  • That’s it. You’ all set....
    Sign up for the Glam Squad newsletter and get 10% off your first st


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Watch me get ready for an NFL Playoff Game. Although, my team didn't make it to the Superbowl I still love them and we had a great season #GoPats


- This product contains SPF15
- A natural matte finish and medium, buildable coverage
- Light consistency, doesn't come on heavy
- Fragrance free
- Applied easily with a brush or beauty blender sponge
- Generous amount of product that will last you a long time
- Variety of shades

- Pump sold separately
- Packaging makes it difficult to get all of the product when it's running low at the end.

Final thoughts: Finally! I found the perfect foundation for me. I personally love a matte look and using this foundation in combo with my Urban Decay setting spray, makes my makeup stay flawless all day! I use this with my mac pro long wear concealer (under the eyes) in NC45 or the Mac Studio Fix Concealer in NC35 to create an under eye highlight effect. I also apply the concealer on my brow bone for a highlight and slight nose contouring.

Music Credit: Don Coda

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC 45
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC45
MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter - Bright Forecast
MC Mineralize Skinfinish - Dark
ELF Blush - Berry Merry
Revlon Berry Haute
Stila Forever Curl Mascara
Anastasia Brow Wiz - Ebony
Urban Decay All Nighter Spray
MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
Urban Decay Buck
Urban Decay Half Baked
Elizabeth and James - Nirvana (Perfume)

Top: Forever 21

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