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Tuesday, January 7, 2014
I kicked off January 2013 with a vision board for the entire year and I can't wait to create another one this year. A vision board is very easy and inexpensive to make. It consists of words, images, even symbols that represent what you vision for yourself for the year or in the future. They say seeing is believing and seeing your goals and dreams will help set your mind into believing these things can happen or at least motivate you. Some people use a poster board and some use a journal but whatever you decide is up to you. What's amazing about a vision board is that you can use creative freedom to make it just how you like it. 

How did my vision board work out for me last year? Here are just a few notes:

1. I placed an image of New Orleans hoping that I would make it there and 8 months later I ended up going, and had a great time with friends (click here). 

2. I put a birthday cake and happy birthday on the board to represent my Birthday that would occur that April. Oddly enough, I also placed an airplane near the cake, even though I really had no intention of traveling on my birthday. I always had this plan of this amazing sit down dinner with friends. Then about three months after I made my board, a friend randomly suggested that I ditch the dinner idea and travel to Las Vegas. Vegas? I wasn't up for that idea at all. Later that week something clicked and I felt the sudden urge to go and we did! We had a blast (click here). When I returned it wasn't until a few weeks later that I noticed the little airplane that I glued next to my birthday cake. Wow, I ended up flying somewhere to celebrate. Funny how things work out. 

3. One of my best friends, Nikki, was working in Chicago with dreams of traveling back to New York. Nikki loves working in Film, especially handling events! I glued a photo of her surrounded by bright lights and the words "Events at your fingertips," in the hopes that she would come back to New York within the year and land her dream job. Sure enough, Nikki is back and working for a great company in the city with film clients and events at her finger tips. 

4. I had this big idea to celebrate NYE in Brazil this year. Clearly, that didn't happen but ... I bring it up because my two friends and their significant others were supposed to also come along for the ride. To symbolize this group vacation, I cut out photos of both couples along with a suitcase next to each (to symbolize luggage) and put them side by side on the board. None of us ended up in Brazil but something else very interesting occurred. Both couples moved, 8 months after I posted the image on my vision board, during the exact same month in August. One couple sold their home in Boston and moved all the way across country to California. The other couple got an apartment together and moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey. What are the odds that both couples would be moving? the exact same month during the same year? Maybe it's a coincidence but it was on my vision board. I should also mention, neither couple has ever met each other before. 

5. I've always dreamed of covering the Grammy Awards for my job. So, I cut out a picture of a Grammy Award along with a red carpet. For some odd reason I put a pair of rain boots right next to this and the words January. The Grammy awards always air in February. Well, this week I found out that I will be traveling to L.A to cover the Grammy Awards hurray! And the award show this year is airing in January. Oh yeah, and the rain boots? The day I found out that I would be going, I received my very last Christmas gift from my mom at my apartment. A pair of Hunter rain boots.

I could go on and on but I say all this to show you that sometimes visions are strong! Miracle or motivation, it's wonderful to dream and hope that everything you wanted might just come true. Here are some helpful hints so that you can start your 2014 vision board!

1. Purchase poster board or a journal! You will also need scissors, tape or glue.

2. Grab some magazines from home, a friends home that no longer needs them, or purchase magazines if you are unable to find any. You could always print images from the internet as well.

3. Cut out the words, images, & symbols that you want to represent your 2014. You can put words such as "FUN" "EXCITING" "ADVENTURE" "NEW JOB" "VACATION" "SAVINGS" or even song lyrics. You can add images such as planes, boats, cars, yoga mat, fitness ball, church, college diploma, etc. You can apply symbols such as an elephant to represent your trip to Thailand or flowers to represent a garden that you want to work at. The choices are endless!

4. Feel free to add images of friends and family as well. Hopefully you aren't going through 2014 alone. I actually included the visions of a few friends on my board last year and will do the same this year. It's a nice way to be thinking of them and including them in your dreams.

5. Remember most importantly to have fun! Either hang up your vision board or store it away, but make sure at least once a week you reflect on it. Are you making any of these visions come to life? Have any of your visions happened yet?

What are some of your hopes and visions for yourself in 2014? 
Personally, I hope to travel to at least 2-3 different locations. Whether it's two hours away or another country. Comment below. 
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