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Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Black Friday is one of the biggest and popular days to shop for the Holiday! Are you prepared for the big day? Check out this tips and tricks to get you through it.


Just remember these tips:
1. Plan in advance and know what you want to buy, get there early!
2. Look through advertisements before the big day to figure out what will be available
3. Consider going to a Mall so it's a one stop shop to all your favorite stores
4. Pack a snack and water in case of long lines
5. Dress warm, comfortable and with comfortable walking (running) shoes
6. Charge your phone 
7. Bring a friend to go with you or family member
8. Avoid bringing children or teens who usually tend to be impatient and hate crowds
9. Use apps like to find out deals and coupons
10. Be nice to other customers and store employees
11. Don't have high expectations! You aren't guaranteed to get anything
12. Avoid dressing rooms because of the long lines. Know your size!
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