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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sometime you can learn great tips, tricks and product suggestions from the people around you. I have a diverse group of friends and I am excited to share with you some of their takes on beauty and fashion. Meet Kelly ..

What is your typical weekday morning beauty routine?
I made the full switch from wake up and go girl to low maintenance chic a few years ago. In the morning, I will either dab some concealer on my dark marks or throw on some sheer foundation, I love love lovvveeeee Maestro by Giorgio Armani foundation, he makes them in rich enough tones for us cocoa skinned girls. I always put on some blush in a warm orange or deep red, mascara, black liner, and more often than not, a bold red lip. I look polished, but not overdone.

What is your favorite beauty product and why?
I can't really live without mascara or blush, they are the two products that give you a little more life and wake up your entire face.

What makeup brand is your favorite and why? I have no real product loyalty, I'm definitely a brand hopper in constant pursuit for the next best thing or a cheaper version of the luxe products in my arsenal.

What product have you used for years and continue to use?
I never stray from my Burts Bees chapstick. I have one in my bed, in each purse, at my desk, and by my couch. Obsessed is not the word.

Tell me a beauty secret: I use a mixture of pure vitamin E oil and coconut oil as my night cream, they keep my skin moisturized throughout the night and help with my minor eczema.

What is your favorite nail brand and why? I love OPI polish, mostly because they make very user friendly brushes. Two swipes give a very clean, polished mani.

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
I love anything with tea tree oil, the cleansing tingle is so satisfying.

Have you tried a recent hair product you think is great? Why do you love it? 
As a relaxed girl with short hair, I struggled to find a foaming wrap lotion that had the right amount of hold without making my hair stiff. I recently found the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Wrap and Set Mousse, it is perfection.

What is your fashion style?
I like to keep it simple, chic, and feminine  I believe that less is more and don't really subscribe to trends. Although all my family and friends love to see me in color, I tend to stick to grayscale and neutrals.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? and why?
Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. I enjoy their clean lines and casual aesthetic, and while they provide you with an effortless look, the attention to detail they pay to the female body is amazing, their clothes cloak your curves in the most beautiful way.

Photography By: Jonesy
  1. Oooh, I too use coconut oil like all over. LOL Chloe even asks for it


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