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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Here is my latest obsession, the new Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer. Have you tried it yet? 

While preparing for my trip to New Orleans my Mother kindly shipped me a "vacation" package that included some products she wanted me to bring and test out. Yes, I am an only child. Anyway, I was surprised to learn that Vaseline launched a Spray and Go Product. I received the Aloe Fresh which is infused with aloe to give you healthier skin, and the Co Co Radiant which is infused with pure cocoa butter. Typically I don't like products with cocoa butter because of the smell but I didn't find that this had an overpowering scent. 

Naturally I assumed once I sprayed I wouldn't have to rub it in ( I didn't see the commercial to know that wasn't true) I was bummed. What is the point? I thought. I decided to pack it anyway for my trip. I realized quickly that even though you do still have to rub it in, it made getting ready a lot faster! It sprays on just the right amount. 

Have you ever pumped out lotion and found that you have way too much? or maybe too little and find yourself either getting more or getting rid of the excess on a towel? Well, the spray and go moisturizer gives you just the right amount as you spray it down your arms or down your legs or wherever. It makes a really cool sound too as it sprays! The other thing I loved was that I was able to throw on my clothes right away. Sometimes when you use lotion it leaves an oily residue that can stain a shirt or dress leaving you to have to change your clothes. I hate that! I never had this issue with using the spray and go moisturizer. Sometimes in very humid weather my skin can get dry but I found that even in the New Orleans heat my body remained moisturized all day long. So in summary:
  • Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer provides great coverage 
  • Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer allows you to get ready a lot faster
  • Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer doesn't contain any harsh smells 
  • Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer keeps your body moisturized all day long
  • Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer doesn't leave residue on your clothes 
Check out the commercial below! Even though I don't think anyone can get ready that fast, it turned out pretty cool. What do you think?

Perhaps I should try and recreate this in a future Youtube video. Are you a subscriber? For more information on Vaseline® Spray and Go Moisturizer check out my Youtube channel this month when I feature this product in my monthly favorites. 

  1. Great post! I love it:)

  2. I was amazed because I finally saw what it meant for your skin to be moisturized versus it just sitting on top of your skin. This does soak in well.
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