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Wednesday, August 21, 2013
The battle for the right concealer can be a tough one, and it really depends on the look you'd like to go for, how much coverage you want and your skin type! My goal has always been to find the perfect concealer to give me the right amount of under eye highlight, great coverage and is long lasting. The two most recent concealers that I have been using are the MAC Studio Finish Concealer and MAC Pro Long Wear.

Here are the pros and cons to both!

- This product contains SPF35
- You'll get full coverage and it covers dark under eye circles and scars
- Thick consistency, not creamy
- Fragrance free
- Applied easily with the finger or under eye makeup brush
- Generous amount of product that will last you a long time
- Accessible packaging container that allows you to use all of the product until it is finished

- This product can be drying depending on your skin type and can crease under the eye, especially if applied    too heavy
-  Doesn't last very long especially in warm weather that may cause you to sweat or get oily
-  Must set with powder right away for a better finish

Final thoughts: At first I loved this in NC35 to create an under eye highlight effect, brow bone highlight and slight nose contouring. Though, under the eye this often does crease on me so I have to be careful with the amount I apply, or combine this with another concealer to make sure it's long lasting. Not sure if I would purchase this again. I might see how much I miss it first when I run out.

- Medium coverage
- Easy to blend, great under the eye
- Liquid formula 
- Dries to a matte finish so you don't have to set it with too much powder or any at all
- Never looks "cakey" and does not cause crease
- Long lasting especially in warm weather or humid climate

-  Packaged in a pump container which eventually might get difficult when it begins to run out

Final thoughts: I love this product. I didn't want to wear foundation when I was in New Orleans and I used this product under my eyes (bye-bye dark circles) and to spot treat and I was good to go. Eventually I can see the bottle becoming a problem. Hopefully I never drop it because it's not plastic and looks like it could easily crack.

Do you have a favorite concealer? Comment below.
  1. Thanks for this, I faced a similar dilemma today when I went shopping. I felt that the studio finish seemed quite thick, but it looked good on but I could see creases underneath my eye within hours AND if its not put on evenly, its pretty obvious! Thanks for the comparison above :)))

    1. Sorry for the response delay! My old layout wouldn't let me comment. Yes, it does seem thick and can cake up if you use it a lot. I really like it under my brow bone and for contouring the nose but to use it as a full on under eye concealer can be tricky. I much rather use the pro long wear concealer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting : )

  2. I have very notorius blue/purple veins under my both eyes. Any drugstore concealer haven't covered them completly :( which of this mac concealer do you think will work best on me? I have combination type skin... and where I live the summer are VERY hot... I don't know, I think i need a mix of both...

    1. Sorry for the delay! my old blog layout would not let me respond to comments and now I can. Yes! NYX actually has a under eye corrector that is great, NYX Concealer Jar in orange to help get rid of the blue/purple underneath your eyes. Blend it out, put powder over it and it will look great! No more blue and purple. Don't be scared of the orange at first, applying powder over it will make it look more natural and it will hide those veins. Good Luck!

  3. Lol I have replaced many bottles of the prolong wear bc YES they do crack into a million pieces all over, my 2 year old felt bad bc she saw the sadness in my face as I was trying to get ready for a bridal shower. They fall over easy and will break very easily.


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