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Saturday, August 24, 2013
Sometimes you can learn really great tips, tricks and product suggestions from the people around you. I have a diverse group of friends and I am excited to share with you some of their takes on beauty and fashion. Meet my friend Rana (who I've nicknamed Banana) ...

What is your typical weekday morning beauty routine?
Sigh, my beauty routine should be way more involved but sleep wins every time. I always however manage to leave the house with a little mascara and lip gloss at the very least.

What is your favorite beauty product and why?
My favorite beauty product is my Japanese Deitanseki clay & charcoal soap (click here), it has helped calm down my skin so much, it's also all-natural and inexpensive. I am convinced Japan makes the best skin care products. Clear skin is crucial and I'm working at it- it sets the backdrop for all the fun makeup we use on our face.

What makeup brand is your favorite and why?
Impossible to answer because I have THREE that I love equally:
Giorgio Armani - their makeup is wildly efficient and rich at the same time, their "liquid silk foundation" is everything the name suggests it should be.
YSL- I love their lipsticks and everything in their Touche Éclat line.
Nars- My favorite blushes, primers, and velvety eye shadows.

What product have you used for years and continue to use?
Johnson & Johnson baby lotion (click here)

Tell me a beauty secret
Hand in hand with last question- I use it to take off my eye makeup every night, a tip I learned from my mama. I am also convinced that is the reason why she has no wrinkles around her eyes!

What is your favorite nail brand and why? 
People who know me know that I play no games when it comes to nail polish. With that being said, my favorite brand is China Glaze, they offer an array of colors, their polish goes on very smooth, and lasts a good amount of time. When coupled with my favorite top coat, Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat (click here), I am good for at least 4 days (The top coat will change your me)

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Shiseido Tsubaki line, another Japanese favorite. It works so well to moisturize and hydrate my thick hair while enhancing it's natural shine, the fact that it smells AMAZING as well is just Shiseido showing off.

Have you tried a recent hair product you think is great? Why do you love it? 
Morrocan Oil Curl defining creme (click here) , it's a two for one- It conditions my hair  while defining my wavy curls

What is your fashion style?
my style is best defined as all encompassing, being a true lover of fashion and even working in it, I truly appreciate a variety of styles from chic 90's grunge to polished, fiercely femme looks, I love it all. I'm also a fan of timeless, yet unique standout pieces, not necessarily the most expected, but pieces that go beyond what is currently trendy. As I get older, I am hyper aware of the importance of fit, fabric, and quality- my goal is to shop like a Parisian and get only things I LOVE.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? and why?
Currently Azzedine Alaïa (click here).  I appreciate when a designer embraces and exalts a woman's body. I love the the risks he takes, especially as he continues to marry edgy and classic aesthetics effortlessly. I am fan to say the least.  What is the one fashion item you would buy right now if you have enough money to get it? Any Marchesa gown, particularly one with fringe or feathers!

Photography By: Jonesy

Do you remember Rana from my St. Patty's Day video? 
Check out my Youtube page!
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