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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Happy Wednesday! This past weekend I checked out a new brunch spot in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn Summers. A lot of really great places to explore. With the weather finally warming up in New York I'm excited to venture out a lot more.

Piquant is a really cute restaurant located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. My friends and I recently decided to check it out before we attended a day party around the same area. They don't take reservations and it can get crowded so you want to make sure that you show up early. 

The Good: Food was delicious, a lot of options especially if you are a fan of poached eggs (they had a ton of options for that), the layout was really nice, and for an extra $10 you can get unlimited mimosas, bloody mary's, or sangria for 3 hours. The drinks were pretty good as well. 

The Bad: Service is pretty slow, don't come here starving especially if you have a large party. My friend ordered chips & guacamole to hold herself over until her food came and after 20mins (were they rolling the corn and making homemade chips back there?) she canceled the order since our food would be coming out shortly anyway. You also can't get a pitcher for your drinks, you have to drink and keep getting a refill by the waitress or another staff member. Our waitress was attentive so we never had to wait too long but sometimes it's just easier if a pitcher was readily available. 

Overall: I would come back here again. We didn't have to wait too long even with a large party, the food was good, waitress was nice and although you have to wait for your drinks the staff is great at keeping the drinks flowing.

(Alexis, Rana, Kelly, and Me)

Brooklyn To Do List:
  • Brooklyn Smorgasburg. Think 1/2 flea market, 1/2 food festival. Get your foodie on at this location in Williamsburg. Although, I'm a bit of a "chicken" when it comes to trying out different foods, I'm down to check out this spot. Dough sells donuts here! Enough said. If you haven't been to Dough yet, run there. What I love most about this spot is that you can walk around and try out different things and they even have picnic tables for you to stop and have lunch. 
  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge. I know it sounds kind of crazy since I've been in New York for a while now but it's true I've never walked it. As the weather begins to warm up it might be something great to try at night.
  • I want to check out the Botanical Gardens. I was in a wedding that took place there a few years back but I didn't get the chance to explore. I would love to go back.
  • Brooklyn Museum! They have 1st Saturdays the first Saturday of each month. It's a huge party and a lot of fun, admission into the museum is also free.
  • Barclays! I wish I was able to check out a game there during the season but never got the chance. I can always go next year : )
  • Coney Island - another spot I have yet to visit. Most New Yorkers (not from there) would say don't bother but I'd still like to see it so I can say that I did.
  • I'm still adding on but those are just a few plus the endless amount of restaurants in BK I've been wanting to try FOREVER: Buttermilk Channel, Traif (I just want to try the maple bacon donuts), Pillow Cafe (cheddar bacon waffle), Kif (it just looks romantic not sure if i will like the food), Peaches Hot House, and much more! 
Update: Sadly, it's now August 23rd and I haven't done anything still on this list yet lol
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