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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For my Birthday last month eight friends and I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas! For a vlog of the entire trip check out the video below. You'll see some of the things we did while we were there and also images form my Cinco De Mayo inspired birthday bash back in New York.

My suitcase vs. my friend Khendra

Check In: My flight landed at 12:30PM. When I arrived we were told we wouldn't be able to get our room until after 3PM and we would get a text message when the room was ready. My other friends who arrived around 9AM that morning checked in when they arrived and got a room around 11:30AM. I was annoyed at first but the hotel does say you cannot check in until 3PM so I couldn't put up a fuss. We were all able to put our bags in the other room while we aired for ours. We never got a text message from the hotel when our room was ready but luckily one of my friends felt the urge to check on the room and it was ready so we unpacked. I was pleased they put our two rooms on the same floor, I heard on tripadvisor and yelp some folks complaining about having friends on different floors.

Rooms: We booked two double Queen studio suites with a terrace. On the site they only show that the Studio Suites with a terrace come with one king bed but if you call you can ask for one that has two queens. I was concerned because the images of the room never made it look large. One of my friends is 6'2 and she was concerned about the size of the bed. When we walked in we were super happy. The room was spacious enough for the 4 of us. We had 4 girls to each room and everyone fit comfortable. The balcony was really big! Large enough for 8 girls to take a group photo on it. It would of been nice to have breakfast out there but we were so busy running around we never had the chance. The bathrooms were also very spacious. I loved the showers! Be very careful. These rooms have these insane sensors on the kitchen shelf and in the fridge. If you move something you get charged. When I was checking out they told me I ordered a "pleasure kit" and I told them we certainly did not (lol) I guess someone in the room was curious and picked it up to read about it and we were charged for it. The hotel ended up eventually removing the charge.




Staff: Overall the staff was helpful. On the reservation they knew it was my Birthday and the hotel did nothing. A nice bottle of champagne would of been nice, or even a happy birthday note in the room, or even on the TV screen. What's the point of asking if we're celebrating a special occasion if you don't plan on doing anything about it?

Ambiance: The hotel is very chic. Very beautiful! I didn't see many families or children here, it mostly consisted of older couples or groups of young adults. They have lots of things to do and see on the property, restaurants, spa, beautiful casino, pool and more.

Food: We checked out Secret Pizza. The pizza is a bit pricey but it's really good and the slices are large. It's in a hidden part of the hotel but if you ask around you can easily find it. The line is very long usually at all hours of the day. We also ate at China Poblano when we first arrived. China Poblano is a mix between Mexican and Asian food. The food was OK. Nothing to rave about. It's small plates so don't go if you are starving. I ordered the fish taco (I think it came as one taco for $5-6) I also ordered the Shu Mai (Shrimp and Crab I think) and I split some rice with my friend. I don't think we ordered drinks. It wasn't bad but I wouldn't be rushing back to eat there again.

      Secret Pizza        

                                                            China Poblano

Nightlife: We attended the day party at Marquee. The pool is really nice but not large. Unless you can splurge on a VIP cabana you'll be standing with the sun beaming on you. Luckily most of the girls wanted to splash around in the water so they dived in. Everyone had a great time, the DJ is also really great! For nightlife, we revisited this spot for something to do in the evening. The club has several floors and you can party on each floor and each one had a different type of music. I enjoyed the day party more than I did the one at night.

Overall it was great trip! I think the next time I go back to Vegas it would be to visit a few shows, hit up the spa and try more restaurant. Less partying! I feel like you can't do both because you just don't have enough time.

Would you stay at the Cosmopolitan? Comment below. 
  1. The hotel looked really nice!

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