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Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Each year when the Met ball goes down I eagerly await images on social media and different websites to check out celebrities looking gawjus! This year, I was let down. I honestly wanted to see more fabulous outfits, inspiring makeup and wonderful hair and instead I was left underwhelmed. I feel like I saw more show stoppers in past years than I did this year. Anyone agree? 

Let's break it down! 

Ok so you decide! 
Whose outfit fits the good, who fits the bad and who fits the ... "U" word? 

I'm giving the good to Solange! Although this outfit isn't that different from some of the styles we've seen her in before, I really did like it. Not sure where the punk couture comes in, I wouldn't necessarily call this outfit edgy but I give her an "A" for effort. I love the slit and the cut out. As for the bad, I love Queen Bey but I'm not a fan of this outfit. Something about it makes me think of Zoro and cowboy chaps. And for Kim Kardashian, sigh, the turtle neck with the long sleeves built in glove that were a bit too long ... just not sure about this. It is edgy, meaning it was a HUGE risk to wear but it failed. Kanye does look very nice though! 

 I'm giving Emmy Rossum the good! Love this smokey eye. Very pretty with her funky braided up hair style. Ginnifer Goodwin gets both the bad and the ug! I know this look has hit the runway at big fashion shows but this is just a bit too much. Is it punk couture? Possibly! We must remember this is the Met Ball which is known for high fashion looks but I still don't like it. Are you a fan?

Okay so we have Miley with this very appropriate punk spiked hair. We have Ann Hathaway with this slightly mohawked slicked back look and then we have Sarah Jessica Parker with this extreme Mohawk with accessories. I know what I think is the good, bad and ... but I'm going to let you guys decide. Comment below!

Can't wait to see : )
2 comments on "MET BALL: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND ... "
  1. I love anne's hair

    Solange is my fashion IDOL!!! I love her lol... I Was going to do a post on her, too. I think she looked best.

    1. I agree! She's so down to earth, always looks amazing at events and stays true to her own style.


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