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Friday, May 31, 2013
Beyonce posted these really cute images on her blog today. I am loving her Moto Black Paisley Print Leigh Jeans! How cute and most importantly comfortable do these look!  

These jeans are available now (though probably not for long) $96, 

They are too cute! 

Would you wear these? Comment below.


Disclosure: This information was provided by the company but the opinions regarding the product are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

It finally got warm in New York so you know what that means! Flip flops, sandals, high heels, and foot pain! Yikes. Walking around in New York City even in just flats can be a pain in the toe so when I discovered Foot Petals at the #BlogMeetsBrand event a few weeks ago I was really excited! From flip flops to high heels: relax your feet with foot petals this Summer.

Foot Petals, is known for fabulous and fashionable shoe inserts and shoe cushions! They are a huge help especially walking around the city or even just standing on your feet all day long. I got the opportunity to try three different products that the brand sells. 

“No well-heeled foot should step out without a proper support system! Take a cue from my clients and slide these into your highest heels.” - Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe

TIP TOES FOR FLIP FLOPS, $6.95 Tip Toes ball of foot cushion features a built in “relaxation ridge” to relieve toe pressure and provide all day comfort, You can slide this product easily into your favorite pair of sandals, flip flops or thonged shoes with the new toe post opening! These cushions also prevent calluses from forming, keep feet cool and dry and cushion the sensitive ball-of-foot area.


SOCK-FREE SAVIORS, $18.95: With boat shoes and loafers being all the rage this spring – these wonderful sock-free saviors will come in handy! No socks – no problem – these antimicrobial terry cloth pads have a DRI comfort moisture management system build-in to keep feet cool and dry. The pads are machine washable so can be used over and over again. Sock-Free Saviors can be cut to fit different size feet/shoes.

PRESSURE POINTZ, $6.95: Simple and effective, these mini miracles relieve painful shoe pressure in any hot spots, Targets precise point of pain, Great product to keep in your bag when you have a new pair of shoes on! You can quickly pin point and address any friction, rubbing, or blister that may be forming!  For more information on these products and more check out the site!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Happy Wednesday! This past weekend I checked out a new brunch spot in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn Summers. A lot of really great places to explore. With the weather finally warming up in New York I'm excited to venture out a lot more.

Piquant is a really cute restaurant located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. My friends and I recently decided to check it out before we attended a day party around the same area. They don't take reservations and it can get crowded so you want to make sure that you show up early. 

The Good: Food was delicious, a lot of options especially if you are a fan of poached eggs (they had a ton of options for that), the layout was really nice, and for an extra $10 you can get unlimited mimosas, bloody mary's, or sangria for 3 hours. The drinks were pretty good as well. 

The Bad: Service is pretty slow, don't come here starving especially if you have a large party. My friend ordered chips & guacamole to hold herself over until her food came and after 20mins (were they rolling the corn and making homemade chips back there?) she canceled the order since our food would be coming out shortly anyway. You also can't get a pitcher for your drinks, you have to drink and keep getting a refill by the waitress or another staff member. Our waitress was attentive so we never had to wait too long but sometimes it's just easier if a pitcher was readily available. 

Overall: I would come back here again. We didn't have to wait too long even with a large party, the food was good, waitress was nice and although you have to wait for your drinks the staff is great at keeping the drinks flowing.

(Alexis, Rana, Kelly, and Me)

Brooklyn To Do List:
  • Brooklyn Smorgasburg. Think 1/2 flea market, 1/2 food festival. Get your foodie on at this location in Williamsburg. Although, I'm a bit of a "chicken" when it comes to trying out different foods, I'm down to check out this spot. Dough sells donuts here! Enough said. If you haven't been to Dough yet, run there. What I love most about this spot is that you can walk around and try out different things and they even have picnic tables for you to stop and have lunch. 
  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge. I know it sounds kind of crazy since I've been in New York for a while now but it's true I've never walked it. As the weather begins to warm up it might be something great to try at night.
  • I want to check out the Botanical Gardens. I was in a wedding that took place there a few years back but I didn't get the chance to explore. I would love to go back.
  • Brooklyn Museum! They have 1st Saturdays the first Saturday of each month. It's a huge party and a lot of fun, admission into the museum is also free.
  • Barclays! I wish I was able to check out a game there during the season but never got the chance. I can always go next year : )
  • Coney Island - another spot I have yet to visit. Most New Yorkers (not from there) would say don't bother but I'd still like to see it so I can say that I did.
  • I'm still adding on but those are just a few plus the endless amount of restaurants in BK I've been wanting to try FOREVER: Buttermilk Channel, Traif (I just want to try the maple bacon donuts), Pillow Cafe (cheddar bacon waffle), Kif (it just looks romantic not sure if i will like the food), Peaches Hot House, and much more! 
Update: Sadly, it's now August 23rd and I haven't done anything still on this list yet lol


Thursday, May 23, 2013
Disclosure: This information was provided by the company but the opinions regarding the product are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

As mentioned in a previous post, I attended the Single Edition Media Blogger Meets Brand event. Elizabeth Arden was on deck to shower us with makeovers! We were all so excited. I got to test out some amazing products and get pampered. Check out just a few! 

Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum:

What is a ceramide? They contain 50% of the essential lipids found in the skin. More importantly it helps fight against aging and we all want that don't we? It's never too early to get ahead start on improving your skin as you age.

Pro: Delivers the right amount of hydration and Cermaide benefits to help improve our skin to keep it looking flawless.

Con: So far so good, I don't have anything negative to say. Its light and smooth, didn't have a bad scent, easy to store.

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant 
Pro: Really does protects the skin! Really good at treating things such a scrapes, bruises, cuts, burns, dry skin. I had a dry skin patch near the top of my forehead (as I sometimes randomly do) and its really helped improve the skin in that area.

Con: I can't stand the smell of this! It's hard to describe but it was a turn off for me. It's something to get use to but worth trying.

Elizabeth Arden's New Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss 

Pro: Offers a really great luminous gloss to your lips! An excellent lip moisturizer since it contains mango and shea butter. Smells delicious! Not sticky and the color shows up very nicely against my skin tone. I also love the sleek packaging. Helps to also increase lip volume!

Pro: I had to reapply after a few sips of my cocktail but overall it stayed on very nicely.

Now to the good part! We all want to look amazing on vacation right? Elizabeth Arden delighted us with details on how we can vacation flawlessly by providing us with tips and Summer beauty products from Elizabeth Arden. 

For more tips and information! Connect with Elizabeth Arden



PS: I'm going to be hosting a giveaway soon on my Youtube!


May is almost over! Say what? It's been so fun. I can't wait for the next few months. I have some fun travel trips and I'm still a little unsure what I'll be doing for my 4th of July and Labor Day so that will be fun to somewhat figure out. Memorial Day was a blast and the weather is finally warming up.

  • I went to Boston to visit my family. My grandmother celebrated her birthday! We had a bunch of fun surprises for her. We also celebrated my Birthday since I didn't see my family during April. We also celebrated Mother's Day so it was a win all around. Loving my Boston leopard snapback! 
  • Beautiful flowers my friends gave me at my Cinco De Mayo Birthday party. Seriously, my Birthday was on one of the best that I have had in a long time. I feel like I have more fun celebrating my Birthday when I'm single, I just realized that (lol)
  • Every time I am home I feel like my family uses it as an excuse to eat the Cheesecake Factory. Anyway, we stopped in (I wasn't going to complain) and I got to eat my favorite appetizer there - buffalo blasts and had some delicious shrimp scampi for dinner. I love seafood! 
  • Met some new friends via my friend Rana! A bunch of really cool, fun, Cali girls. We sipped non Heineken drinks in Heineken cups and hit up the Mixologi NYC party at the Cabanas in Meatpacking.Good times! 
  • Jadyn is getting so big! Remember him? Click Here. I had to pay him $5 to take this picture with me. Kids now a days! 
  • My friend Kimmy gave me Rihanna's new lipstick RiRi Woo for my Birthday! Super excited. I'm usually scared to rock red but I love this color on everyone so I can't imagine not liking it on myself. I was going to wear it this weekend but I think I'm going to save it for another occasion or maybe my next YouTube video!
  • Tested out the Green Tea Latte from Starbucks. Not my favorite, it wasn't horrible but I think I won't get it again. 
  • My absolute favorite thing to wear in the Spring/Summer! Peep toe flats and these are from Zara. 
How did you enjoy May?


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For my Birthday last month eight friends and I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas! For a vlog of the entire trip check out the video below. You'll see some of the things we did while we were there and also images form my Cinco De Mayo inspired birthday bash back in New York.

My suitcase vs. my friend Khendra

Check In: My flight landed at 12:30PM. When I arrived we were told we wouldn't be able to get our room until after 3PM and we would get a text message when the room was ready. My other friends who arrived around 9AM that morning checked in when they arrived and got a room around 11:30AM. I was annoyed at first but the hotel does say you cannot check in until 3PM so I couldn't put up a fuss. We were all able to put our bags in the other room while we aired for ours. We never got a text message from the hotel when our room was ready but luckily one of my friends felt the urge to check on the room and it was ready so we unpacked. I was pleased they put our two rooms on the same floor, I heard on tripadvisor and yelp some folks complaining about having friends on different floors.

Rooms: We booked two double Queen studio suites with a terrace. On the site they only show that the Studio Suites with a terrace come with one king bed but if you call you can ask for one that has two queens. I was concerned because the images of the room never made it look large. One of my friends is 6'2 and she was concerned about the size of the bed. When we walked in we were super happy. The room was spacious enough for the 4 of us. We had 4 girls to each room and everyone fit comfortable. The balcony was really big! Large enough for 8 girls to take a group photo on it. It would of been nice to have breakfast out there but we were so busy running around we never had the chance. The bathrooms were also very spacious. I loved the showers! Be very careful. These rooms have these insane sensors on the kitchen shelf and in the fridge. If you move something you get charged. When I was checking out they told me I ordered a "pleasure kit" and I told them we certainly did not (lol) I guess someone in the room was curious and picked it up to read about it and we were charged for it. The hotel ended up eventually removing the charge.




Staff: Overall the staff was helpful. On the reservation they knew it was my Birthday and the hotel did nothing. A nice bottle of champagne would of been nice, or even a happy birthday note in the room, or even on the TV screen. What's the point of asking if we're celebrating a special occasion if you don't plan on doing anything about it?

Ambiance: The hotel is very chic. Very beautiful! I didn't see many families or children here, it mostly consisted of older couples or groups of young adults. They have lots of things to do and see on the property, restaurants, spa, beautiful casino, pool and more.

Food: We checked out Secret Pizza. The pizza is a bit pricey but it's really good and the slices are large. It's in a hidden part of the hotel but if you ask around you can easily find it. The line is very long usually at all hours of the day. We also ate at China Poblano when we first arrived. China Poblano is a mix between Mexican and Asian food. The food was OK. Nothing to rave about. It's small plates so don't go if you are starving. I ordered the fish taco (I think it came as one taco for $5-6) I also ordered the Shu Mai (Shrimp and Crab I think) and I split some rice with my friend. I don't think we ordered drinks. It wasn't bad but I wouldn't be rushing back to eat there again.

      Secret Pizza        

                                                            China Poblano

Nightlife: We attended the day party at Marquee. The pool is really nice but not large. Unless you can splurge on a VIP cabana you'll be standing with the sun beaming on you. Luckily most of the girls wanted to splash around in the water so they dived in. Everyone had a great time, the DJ is also really great! For nightlife, we revisited this spot for something to do in the evening. The club has several floors and you can party on each floor and each one had a different type of music. I enjoyed the day party more than I did the one at night.

Overall it was great trip! I think the next time I go back to Vegas it would be to visit a few shows, hit up the spa and try more restaurant. Less partying! I feel like you can't do both because you just don't have enough time.

Would you stay at the Cosmopolitan? Comment below. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013
Wednesday night I attended a fabulous event in Soho by Single Edition Media at the Delta Sky Pop Up space in Soho. After a long day of work I was ready for some pampering, sampling and surprises! The night of beauty and fashion kicked off  with cocktails, bites but more importantly the opportunity to network with fellow bloggers and sample products from popular brands.

 Elizabeth Arden showered guests with makeovers and introduced some new makeup and skin products you are going to love. Look out for my review next week on these products! 

Surprise guest, Cindy Barshop of The Real Housewives of New York City also attended the event. Cindy is the founder of Completely Bare, the number one destination for hair removal for men and women in NYC and around the nation, providing breakthrough treatments! I chatted for a while with Gary one of the attendees last night that represented the company. After speaking to him I walked away enthusiastic about trying out the product line or booking a future treatment. I signed up for a free treatment so hopefully I will hear from them and I'll be able to do a detailed review on my experience.

Have you ever considered teeth whitening? Also at the event were the founders of GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device. GLO is a at-home teeth whitening system that uses innovative, patent-pending technology to deliver professional, clinically-proven, long-lasting results. 

Have you considered doing a juice diet? I had the opportunity to sample some juices from the BluePrint juice line. I have seen these in various supermarkets but never had the instinct to purchase it. I spoke with the representative of the line a lot about the ingredients in each juice as well as the benefits for juicing. The two main positives for me were that juicing provides healthy skin and a burst of energy! Would you ever try juicing? 

I also discovered an amazing new line of foot cushions. As women we often have to rock heels at a wedding, an event, or at work day to day. No matter how comfortable your shoe is, eventually you'll start to feel that little pain in the toe or the heel. Have no fear because Foot Petals is an amazing line that I learned more about at the event and I will be doing a detailed review soon on the product line. 

Overall the event went really well! I look forward to the next one. Are you interested in trying any these products? Comment below.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Disclosure: This information was provided by the company but the opinions regarding the product are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

I was super excited a week or so before I left for my Birthday trip to Vegas, I received the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio and Face Trio. If you have never had a Brazilian wax professionally done, let me tell you ... it's not easy! It's very painful depending on your pain tolerance and I would say mine is pretty low and I still struggle. It's also very invasive and if you are a private person this might be difficult to do. 

We all want to look amazing in our bathing suits this Summer right? Nair products provide professional results at home for staying smooth all summer long – at a fraction of what you’d pay at a salon or spa.  When I learned that Nair launched a hair removal kit for the bikini area and face I was really excited. 
REALLY excited! 

We all know a good Brazilian wax can be pricey $60+ and up. These kits by Nair for the face and bikini area are very affordable. The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Total Care™ Body Trio is the only 3-step in-shower system, and retails around $13.99. The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care™ Face Trio is the first 3-step system for the face and also retails around $13.99. 

Say bye bye to the stress pain and the cost of having to pay for a wax! 
Both of these kits are super easy to navigate. Let's break it down: 

Each product is infused with mango butter and a├žai berry known to moisturize the skin, and mineral-rich clay known to purify the skin. I plan on giving the Face trio to my Mom for Mother's Day. I'm really excited! What a great treat because we all know our Moms love to look good. Luckily, I don't have a lot of facial hair - I've never had a mustache wax (hehehe) so it didn't make sense for me to try this but the process is very simple.

Step 1: The first step is to use the pre-balm, which coats the skin to help minimize irritation and redness
Step 2: The second step is the depilatory. There’s no drying time so you can apply the depilatory immediately after using the pre-balm.
Step 3: After removing the depilatory product, you just apply the moisturizer, which is similar any regular facial moisturizer. This will help neutralize the pH of the skin, bringing it back to the normal level. Then you are done! Baby smooth.

Now, let's dive into the Body trio! This was amazing and perfect for my trip to Vegas since I was going to be rocking a bikini all weekend. 

Step 1: The pre-wipe contains mineral oil and chamomile to prepare your skin before removing hair.
Step 2: I applied the depilatory, which is resistant to water through emollients similar to those found in waterproof sunscreens so it will resist runoff while you shower. Make sure to keep the area out of the direct stream of water, you don't want to burn yourself.
Step 3: After the hair is removed, you would apply the soothing post-use gel with Aloe Vera and you should have a baby smooth and hairless finish. 

Super easy! Super simple! and Super affordable. I'm all about finding alternatives ways to save money by doing things on my own. Would you buy this product or at least try it once? Comment below

If you would like more information on the products mentioned, visit: to learn more about Nair's full line of summer hair removal products.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Each year when the Met ball goes down I eagerly await images on social media and different websites to check out celebrities looking gawjus! This year, I was let down. I honestly wanted to see more fabulous outfits, inspiring makeup and wonderful hair and instead I was left underwhelmed. I feel like I saw more show stoppers in past years than I did this year. Anyone agree? 

Let's break it down! 

Ok so you decide! 
Whose outfit fits the good, who fits the bad and who fits the ... "U" word? 

I'm giving the good to Solange! Although this outfit isn't that different from some of the styles we've seen her in before, I really did like it. Not sure where the punk couture comes in, I wouldn't necessarily call this outfit edgy but I give her an "A" for effort. I love the slit and the cut out. As for the bad, I love Queen Bey but I'm not a fan of this outfit. Something about it makes me think of Zoro and cowboy chaps. And for Kim Kardashian, sigh, the turtle neck with the long sleeves built in glove that were a bit too long ... just not sure about this. It is edgy, meaning it was a HUGE risk to wear but it failed. Kanye does look very nice though! 

 I'm giving Emmy Rossum the good! Love this smokey eye. Very pretty with her funky braided up hair style. Ginnifer Goodwin gets both the bad and the ug! I know this look has hit the runway at big fashion shows but this is just a bit too much. Is it punk couture? Possibly! We must remember this is the Met Ball which is known for high fashion looks but I still don't like it. Are you a fan?

Okay so we have Miley with this very appropriate punk spiked hair. We have Ann Hathaway with this slightly mohawked slicked back look and then we have Sarah Jessica Parker with this extreme Mohawk with accessories. I know what I think is the good, bad and ... but I'm going to let you guys decide. Comment below!

Can't wait to see : )

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