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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Poshmark? 

It looks like pinterest but acts more like ebay. Poshmark is the new it spot for selling your clothes! Got a pair of jeans you haven't been able to fit and want to get rid of? Have a bridesmaid dress you wore once and it's sitting in your closet? or better yet, a wedding dress? You can sell whatever you'd like on this site. I discovered it from my Aunt who was interested in cashing in and selling items. She immediately told me I should do it as well knowing the amount of clothes I have that I don't wear (some even have tags on them *hides head in shame*). For a while I've held on to these items because I felt guilty for the amount of money I spent on them. Over the years I've done things like donate the clothes, give them to my Super to ship off to his family in DR, but selling them also isn't a bad idea. Even after discovering Poshmark I still plan on giving the bulk of my clothes to charity but it's great to know if I am gearing up for a trip (which I am) or just trying to make some extra bucks I can sell my stuff here. So what's the deal?

How do I start? 

Poshmark is a free iPhone/iPad app that allows you to shop the closets of women across the country. Yes, you can only sell items using your iPhone and iPad. When I first signed up I noticed the sell button on the website was missing. I immediately wrote Poshmark on twitter and within 5 minutes I received a response on what I was doing wrong. So far, so good. The company is helpful in providing you with feedback right away.

Step 1: Sign up on

Step 2: Make sure the App is on your ipad or iphone 

Step 3: Connect to your Facebook and Twitter friends who are already on Poshmark. The more people you follow, the more closets you can shop. 

Step 4: Create your first listing.

Step 5: Attend a Party. Posh Parties are in-app shopping and selling parties with themes, such as “Animal Prints,” “Designer Handbags,” and “Vintage Wear.” Posh Parties are a great opportunity to shop a selection of curated closets, and also the perfect time for you to promote your own listings to people within the community. 

If you are interested in shopping my collection
you can find me at

I have these items and I'll be adding much more everyday! Shoes to jewelry to bags to dresses and more. 

  1. Nice! I need to add more stuff to there

  2. Thanks for sharing this article. I like your idea for making money on ebay . very much.

  3. Thanks for sharing your idea about Poshmark. I just want to mention how my journey on Poshmark become a success. We would agree that selling on Poshmark requires too much work, like in sharing an following, parties and such. WHat helped me on doing those things is by hiring a VA. My bestfriend recommended, and see for myself if this will work for me. And Yay! It is really amazing. I'm glad that I followed her adviced. Not only they free me up form doing the sharing, following and all but they allow me to source more items. I really love their service.


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