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Tuesday, March 12, 2013
It's festival season as Spring/Summer comes upon us. I attended my very first music festival last year. I had a blast and I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when attending a music festival. Let's go over some tips and tricks to help you party hard : )


- Avoid open toed shoes / the ground can get messy with everyone walking around
- Wear comfortable loose clothing
- Avoid wearing heels (you will be doing a lot of walking)
- Avoid clutches, use something that you can throw on and not worry about (backpack, swing bag, etc)
- Do avoid wearing layers (it can get hot out there)
- Do bring a pony tail holder or headband in case you get hot and want to put your hair up
- Do consider buying a tiny umbrella you can put in your bag in case a sudden rain shower pops up
- Do avoid wearing expensive jewelry or wearing your fav earrings (all that dancing and moving around you are very likely to lose something and finding it in this crowd will be impossible)

Shorts and sneakers are always the way to go! Tanks and t-shirts as well.

Pack a hat if you hate the sun and don't forget your shades. Jumpers are great because they are loose fitting and really cute!

Wearing a bright bandeau under a plain top to give yourself a little more style!


- Bring an extra cell charger, it's going to be tough to find an outlet with a huge crowd all waiting to charge a phone
- Wear sunblock and bug repellent
- Mark out in advance what performances you want to see and have a plan so you don't miss anything or waste time debating with your friends who should go where
- Bring a water bottle so you can fill it up and stay hydrated
- Bring CASH! AT&M fees at festivals can be pricey
- Select a meet up spot with your friends in case you lose one another
- Message delays can happen at festivals due to everyone using a cell phone at the same time. Time stamp your messages (example: Hey I am going to check out JT by the green stage, 5:45PM)

Hope these tips are helpful! Have fun!
  1. oohh great ideas! I never thought about it. This is great, specially the last part if you're going with a group.

    great post


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