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The 8 HOUR Diet?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

David Zinczenko Editor in Chief of Men's Health says that we can lose weight by only eating during an 8 hour time period. Does this 8 hour diet really work? 

A big part of my bliss is making sure I'm healthy and happy so I try my best to watch what I eat and stay at a certain weight. Like most people the Holidays can make you pack on a few extra pounds. I realized recently I'd like to get back to the figure I was in the Summer. Even though I didn't gain a ton of weight, it's a little too much than I care for so I've decided to put this 8 hour diet theory to the test. Yesterday I started the 8 hour diet. According to this book, it uses a technique known as "intermittent fasting." Don't worry though because in this diet you won't be denying yourself anything, in return you are simply allowing yourself a time window to complete your meals for the day. By restricting the length of time that you have to eat, it gives your body an extended period of time between meals to burn those calories away.  So will this really work? Well, we will just have to wait and see. I plan on doing this for the entire month of January and I'll write a post beginning February to let you know how it is going.  

Unlike what you will see in the video below I plan on maintaining a health eating plan in my 8 hours. Maybe on occasion I'll treat myself to Thai food (I love Thai) or a slice of pizza but I won't be gorging on pizza, fries, chips, cookies, and snacks and packing them into the 8 hour window. 

At first glance this diet seems pretty easy! 8 hours seems like a lot but it's really not. By the time I get home from work it's almost 7pm which means for this to really work I have to wait to eat my breakfast until around 11:30 each day. Today I started off the day with tea just to hold me over and it did the trick. 1 more hour and I can eat my breakfast for the day. You might ask what will I do if I am going to dinner or brunch with friends? Well, I'll have to adjust my 8 hour window depending on what I am doing for the day which could get difficult.

Would you be interested in trying something like this? Do you think it will work? Comment below.
7 comments on "The 8 HOUR Diet? "
  1. Is this what you were telling me about?

  2. I am also doing this. Have been for 3 days and so far so good

    1. Just curious, how your progress is going? I did see a difference immediately but this diet is tough. I think because of my job, by the time I get home I have to eat before my 8 hour runs out. If I extend it longer in the morning then I'm just super hungry by the afternoon.

  3. You might take a look at my ebook, The 4-Hour Diet is better than The 8-Hour Diet. It shows and analyzes daily weight variation over a 2-year case study that demonstrates an exponential decay of excess body fat, even if you pig-out during the 4-hour unrestricted eating interval.


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