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Monday, January 28, 2013
Hands down one of my favorite items in the Winter is a hat. Great way to give yourself style, dress up a coat or give yourself a little personality.  Since it's Winter I tend to go more towards fashionable yet warm!  Lately I've been rocking this (click here) ear warmer from Urban Outfitters. One of my favorites because it doesn't mess up my hair : ) and it's really cute with the kitty face on top! Good News for you! It's on sale, lucky! Buy it soon ....

Check out some of my latest favorites!

Music by Quadron "Slippin"

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

YAY! Check out my January Makeup Shopping Spree! Here is what I purchased:

Mary-Lou Manizer - the Balm
Ben Nye- Banana Powder
MAC Blush Passionately Tempted
Maybelline Bronze Blowout
Sonia Kashuk Golden Goddess Illuminating Bronzer
Naked Palette
H&M Nudes Palette
Thierry Mugler - Alien (Perfume)

What I'm wearing
Lips:  Revlon - Cherries in snow 
Hat:   H&M
Shirt: Forever 21 

Music by Dan-O at


Friday, January 18, 2013
Let's talk foundation ... what am I loving? what am I not loving? Check out the video! 

What are some of your favorite foundations? Comment below.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Super excited to go away this weekend to D.C for the Presidential Inauguration! I have a friend who lives in D.C that was super nice to allow me and my friend Alexis to join her for this special weekend. I'm looking forward to going out in D.C, visiting museums, meeting new people and taking in this historical moment.  I am usually super organized so I tend to prepare two to three days before I head out somewhere to make sure that I have all my ducks in order. Here are some of my packing essentials!

Packing a ton of makeup is  a pain, it can get messy, you can risk losing products if you aren't careful too! Even though I have a variety of foundations to choose from, concealer, powders, bronzers, and so on ... I always bring just my favorite products only! I'll bring one foundation and sometimes pour it into a small travel container so I don't have lug the entire bottle. I usually select my favorite blush, a variety of lip colors, one mascara, one eye liner, makeup wipes to wash my face after a night out on the town and a great makeup palate so I have a variety of eye shadows to choose from. I do not wear lashes every day but they are so fun when you are going out to party with friends. Since I will be getting a little more dressed up than usual, I'm bringing my curling wand for my hair. I always pack bobby pins, a comb ( I don't use brushes on my hair), rollers and a curling wand.  They now sell travel size curling wands as well which are a great way to save you space when you are on the go! Another great tip is, compare items with the friends you are traveling with. This way you don't bring multiple items you could just share, such as the curling wand. 

Now here is the tough part! What to pack for clothing. I struggle with this. I always over pack way too much but I feel better packing more than I need than not having something I wish I had later. I always bring two pair of jeans - one dark, one light (obviously depending on how many days I'll be away). I pack a variety of tops - casual, dressy and comfortable. I always pack a dress! Even if I am not planning on dressing up, you never know! Your favorite heels and a comfortable pair of sneakers. For the museums we will be walking a lot on our feet so I want to be comfortable. At night we will be attending a few parties so I want to make sure that I have some cute shoes to wear. A warm jacket! On Monday we will be standing outside for the parade for at least 3 hours, it's more important to me to be warm than to look cute so I plan on bringing my warmest jacket. Accessories! Bring earrings, arm bling and a watch but be careful not to bring your most expensive jewelry in case you were to misplace it somewhere along the trip. Gloves and a hat are a must! I ALWAYS pack a swim suit! Even if I am going somewhere cold. You never know who may throw a pool party somewhere and I'm always prepared! 

Never leave home of course without my iphone, a charger, and my camera! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE taking photographs and capturing moments. I'll probably leave my ipad mini behind this time in fear I will lose it but if I were traveling alone it would come with me to occupy my time. Lastly, perfume. I love the mini travel size perfume and everyone is picky about smells so I always make sure to bring my own instead of relying on using one from another person.

Obviously, I am missing the obvious products like body gel, facial wash, etc but these are just some of my top items to bring beyond just the obvious.

What are some of your MUST travel items? Comment below.


Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 has brought some awesome products to my attention! I have many that I love but these are probably my most prized discoveries.

1. MAC Face & Body I only like wearing foundation when necessary because I believe you should give your skin a break and in the past I've used some that were a tad too heavy (MUFE HD Foundation) but I discovered Mac Face & Body and absolutely love this. It's VERY sheer! You do not get a lot of coverage so if you have difficult skin then this may not be the product for you. If you want something similar to a tinted moisturizer with a little coverage to balance out your skin tone then you will love this. It's perfect for the Summer or hot weather since you do not want to pack on product in the heat, just add a little concealer on any problems area, add a little bit of translucent powder and then you are good to go. 

2. Thierry Mugler Alien  This perfume is amazing! I got the set which comes with lotion and shower gel. I love it! Notes: Solar Accord, Jasmine Sambac, Green Notes, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Transparent Amber. You will smell lovely. 

3. MAC Iridescent Powder I love the glow Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and J. Lo and many other celebrities have! I wanted a similar effect so I decided to try this powder in golden bronze. I love it! My cheeks pop and it looks great with my complexion. This is perfect for all complexions, a little goes a long way with this product so don't pack it on. 

4. Urban Decay Eye Potion  This product is very helpful to make sure that your eye make up stays on all day and looking fresh. You don't want to wear a shadow that bleeds or cakes up by the end of the day. 

5. Berry Preserve Lip Stain by Covergirl   I probably wear this to work every day. One of my favorite lip stains. The color looks great with my skin tone, it stays on all day. I sometimes add lip gloss over it to make it shiny because it sets into your skin and isn't bright or shimmery. It's a simple lip stain that gives your lips a pop of color for the day and its very matte. 

6. NYX Milan Lip Color My second favorite lip color to wear! I am in love, the color is perfect for every day. It's not too bold or bright, it's not dull or boring. It's just right! Perfect if you are wearing a dramatic eye and want something low key for the lip.

7. L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara  If you know me then you know I love mascara. Some people may think I put too much on but I don't care. I like my lashes to have length and to pop! I discovered this mascara and when I first saw the wand I was a little concerned. I'am use to the mascara wand with the big fuzzy bristle at the end to attack that lash! When I saw this tiny little thing I questioned what it would be able to do but its amazing, it gives you a lot more control. It also makes it a lot less easy for your mascara to clump! I also think its great for the bottom lashes which are usually a little tricky to do when you have a fat bristle wand. 

Honorable Mention:

Monistat Chaffing Gel - I've talked about this before but this is AMAZING as a face primer! Sounds a little crazy because it's not meant to be a primer but its the same consistency as a lot or primers, it makes your skin soft, your skin looks very smooth after you apply foundation and it keeps your makeup on throughout the day. Thumbs up because most importantly it's CHEAP! Find this at Walgreens, Target and many drug stores.

Would you be interested in trying any of these products?  
What are some of your favorites for 2012? Would you like me to post my favorite face cleaning products? Comment below.

The 8 HOUR Diet?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

David Zinczenko Editor in Chief of Men's Health says that we can lose weight by only eating during an 8 hour time period. Does this 8 hour diet really work? 

A big part of my bliss is making sure I'm healthy and happy so I try my best to watch what I eat and stay at a certain weight. Like most people the Holidays can make you pack on a few extra pounds. I realized recently I'd like to get back to the figure I was in the Summer. Even though I didn't gain a ton of weight, it's a little too much than I care for so I've decided to put this 8 hour diet theory to the test. Yesterday I started the 8 hour diet. According to this book, it uses a technique known as "intermittent fasting." Don't worry though because in this diet you won't be denying yourself anything, in return you are simply allowing yourself a time window to complete your meals for the day. By restricting the length of time that you have to eat, it gives your body an extended period of time between meals to burn those calories away.  So will this really work? Well, we will just have to wait and see. I plan on doing this for the entire month of January and I'll write a post beginning February to let you know how it is going.  

Unlike what you will see in the video below I plan on maintaining a health eating plan in my 8 hours. Maybe on occasion I'll treat myself to Thai food (I love Thai) or a slice of pizza but I won't be gorging on pizza, fries, chips, cookies, and snacks and packing them into the 8 hour window. 

At first glance this diet seems pretty easy! 8 hours seems like a lot but it's really not. By the time I get home from work it's almost 7pm which means for this to really work I have to wait to eat my breakfast until around 11:30 each day. Today I started off the day with tea just to hold me over and it did the trick. 1 more hour and I can eat my breakfast for the day. You might ask what will I do if I am going to dinner or brunch with friends? Well, I'll have to adjust my 8 hour window depending on what I am doing for the day which could get difficult.

Would you be interested in trying something like this? Do you think it will work? Comment below.

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