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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Happy Birthday Alexis! My friends and I ventured off to Atlantic City this past weekend to celebrate the Birthday of my friend Sexy Lexi (she hates when I call her that). We had so much fun!

We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. The staff was very friendly and the venue was so beautiful. I was surprised how many people were staying at the resort despite it being so cold in December and the aftermath of Hurricane sandy. Overall you couldn't see any damage was done to the hotel, everyone was still out and about and having a great time.

Before dinner we grabbed a snack at this taco restaurant at the venue. It was set up like an outdoor taco shack but it was indoors. The fish taco was very delicious!

Three girls to a room and the rooms were very spacious! We were up on the 41st floor (it has 48 total) and got a wonderful ocean view of Atlantic City. Floor to ceiling windows, comfy beds and a flat screen television. Though we weren't in the room very much, it was great to arrive there when we were done partying at night.

Dinner was yummy as we dined at the famous Buddakan restaurant!

For my outfit I wore a dress with animal print pumps from H&M! 
On sale for ...$15 bucks and they were so comfortable believe it or not.


We had a great brunch the next morning at 'One' thanks to our wonderful waiter Stephan.

Last but not least ... my favorite part! The shower. The hotel has the most amazing shower ever. 
It looked more like a sauna, it was hugeeeeeeee.

I give this hotel the thumbs UP!

Pro: Great for groups, great choices in restaurants, available transportation (cabs), lots of parking, amazing showers.

Cons: Club at the venue was expensive! We went to a club not on the property. Pool isn't very large, could be a lot bigger. Restaurants can be pricey!

Advice: Book this trip when they are offering a deal. We got lucky and booked our trip during Cyber Monday and saved $100 off of our rooms.
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