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REVIEW: IrresistibleMe Clip In Hair Extensions

Friday, December 21, 2012
The folks over at IrresistibleMe sent over some AMAZING clip in hair extensions. If you've read my blog or watched my youtube channel (click here) you'd know that I have been natural for 3-4 years now. I try to avoid anything harsh to my hair including hair dye. My friend Alexis has beautiful brown hair but unfortunately I've been too scared to dye my own in fear that it will cause my hair to break, get dry, etc. Luckily for me with the help of IrresistibleMe I've been able to get my chocolate brown hair dreams on. By applying the chocolate clip in extensions and blending it with my dark brown hair, I have achieved the look I was going for. What do you think?
I got these extensions to the length of my hair, so it basically just added color and thickness. I love the color! Sure I wish I could have this 24/7 but I do love my own hair. I love that with clip ins you have the option of removing them and putting them in when you feel like it.

Clips ins are very easy to apply to you hair.
 Simply part where you want to place the clip and then snap it in!

5 comments on "REVIEW: IrresistibleMe Clip In Hair Extensions "
  1. I can't really see the color of the extensions....

  2. Agree! I can't determine if she's wearing the hair extension..It really look realistic. Can't wait to have mine.

  3. Love the eagle on the shirt! Just joking :D Really love the way you look! I like the silky shiny hair extensions you wore.

  4. hair extensions can provide instant gratification and a gorgeous new long hair look. It can be very inexpensive if you and a friend (sister, mother, or friend) are willing to apply each others hair extensions.

  5. my hair extensions look fabulous.I've got hi-lighted hair & she matched the colour up perfectly. Even my hairdresser said they were the best she'd seen.


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