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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shine bright into the New Year with fun holiday nails. I always do my own nails, they never come out perfect but it saves me some money. Now, if only I could learn to give myself a pedicure. Actually for that I rather hit up the spa/nail salon and get pampered : ) hint hint

See below on how to get this fun look! 

You'll need to begin with a base color. I chose black but you can easily do this with any color: white, grey, blue, pink, it's up to you! Applying the sparkling polish/confetti polish on bare nails may not allow it to stand out as much that's why I suggest that you begin with a base color first like this black and apply it on top.

Check out these confetti options, herehere, and here.
Allow the black to dry and then set your second polish on top and you're all done : )
I like my nails extra shiny so I usually apply a clear top coat to make it stand out even more. 

How cute is this Elf nail cube? I' love this! Great Christmas gift for girls who love to do their own nails, 

xoxo - Jonesy

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2 comments on "DIY: HOLIDAY NAILS! "
  1. omg, love that! i personally am obsessed with glitter!

    1. Thanks! me too, they make your nails stand out. It's easy to do yourself too.


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