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The Hair Update

Sunday, December 12, 2010
For the last two years ago I've been having the worst hair day, hair month, hair year! I couldn't get it right. It all happened after I decided to put honey blonde highlights in my hair. At first, I loved my new cute hair do. I never colored my hair before. I never cut it before. I never really did anything to it before. Many people warned me (like my Mother) but I was stubborn and I wanted flowy hair the color of Beyonce's. Here I am below posing for my 25th Birthday with my shiny honey blonde highlights. Little did I know what a nightmare I got myself into.

Flash forward months later and my hair was damaged! The color caused my hair to split and my stylist had no choice but to keep chopping it off until it was repaired. I took very good care of my hair while I had the color in but apparently it wasn't enough to keep the damage away.In the end, I was left with shorter hair and this horrible ashy sandy color, yuck. My hair was no longer shining, it was faded and dry, and just blaa.

So what did I do? .....

It's back. Phew! A complete difference from before right? I learned that after the color grew out, my hair would look a lot better, but how long was that going to take? Well it took almost a year before I saw any major improvements. Thanks to the support and advice from I was able to recover from this nightmare. The process was depressing! Every time my hair grew, I had to continue to cut it in order to get rid of the color on the ends. Luckily, my hair grew fairly quickly otherwise I could still be dealing with this now. It was a long process but it's officially over. I don't see any color left in my hair. I am writing this post for anyone who is going through this right now, because all of the advice I received really helped me to recover quickly. So what did I do?

1. Deep conditioner, Deep conditioner, Deep condition!
2. Moisturize the hair so it doesn't dry out
3. Never use bristle brushes or comb your hair a lot, finger comb
4. Low manipulation - avoid ponytails! wear your hair down at all times or in a bun
5. Avoid a lot of heat - don't curl it, flat iron it, or blow dry it! say no to heat
6. Protect your hair at night - sleep on a satin pillowcase and/or tie your hair at night
7. Last but not least, no more PERMS!

Now I will explain. Deep conditioners are great! I always make sure that I put conditioner in my hair and sit under the dryer for a few minutes with it in. This will make your hair really soft. I always roller set my hair and sit under the dryer, and I never blow dry my hair wet. I don't go to the salon often, and I try to do my hair as often as I can to avoid putting a lot of heat on it. I stopped putting a relaxer in my hair. I was never someone who put a relaxer in my hair often, it was usually every 5-6 months if I did do it. I know people who relax every three months. I guess it depends on your hair type but I've witnessed girls getting a relaxer in the salon when it appeared that they probably really didn't need one, they were being very picky about having super straight hair. I stopped relaxing my hair in late December so i'm approaching my one year hair-anniversary. I honestly haven't had any problems maintaining my hair since I stopped. I like my hair a lot better now that it's not stick straight, it's a lot thicker and fuller. When I do want my hair straight, I go to my Dominican stylist. Dominican salons are known for their amazing blow drying skills. After your hair has finished drying with the rollers in, with a small comb and a blow dryer your stylist can blow your hair super straight. This will last a long while.

My favorite hair product through this journey has to be the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment (click here). It restores over-processed hair that is effected by chemicals. The product is a bit expensive but you only use a very small amount of it so it will last a while. Plus, it's your hair. If you are serious about fixing damaged hair you must be willing to put in the cost and effort to make sure that it's done correctly. Well, that's my hair update! If you have any questions about my journey feel free to comment below or email me at

7 comments on "The Hair Update"
  1. wonderful hair! and nice dress :)

  2. Yeah, I'm super afriad to dye my hair. I'm going to just try a spray on.

  3. Wow! What an improvement! Gotta love, Hairlista! I decided to go natural (again!) and I am 6 months post right now. It's rough, but I'm just sick of having hella thin hair from relaxing it regularly. I give myself a twice a month heat pass and I only flat iron my NG.

  4. i feel for you! i dye my hair a lot so maintaining it's health is a total nightmare!!! glad to hear that you're recovering from it!

  5. I've tried dyeing my hair twice and got the same result... I was a little disappointed because it seemed like everyone around me could do it with no issues, but as healthy as my hair is, I couldn't!!!

    Now I just stick with rinses. Since I have natural salt and pepper grey hair (since birth) the rinse looks like I have highlights anyway.

  6. Great advice. Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. The hair can also be styled by using of curlers, a blow drier, or a flat iron further adding to the many styles that one can achieve. Hair Spruce


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