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The Thanksgiving Diet

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Many people who diet or exercise are always paranoid about the Thankgsiving day meal and Holiday food in general. If you are on a diet this can be somewhat difficult. You are use to only purchasing certain items and avoiding temptation but at Thanksgiving around family and friends temptation will be everywhere. Carbs and sweets especially! What's the best thing you should do? Enjoy it! Don't limit yourself or hold back. Enjoy the day with family and friends. Eat what you want and how much you want.

The BEST advice I have is that when Thanksgiving is over, IT IS OVER! The worst thing you can do if you are on a serious diet plan is continue carrying over Holiday food and your Thanksgiving meal for the rest of the week! So that means, left overs stay left at the place you ate and if Thanksgiving was at your home, make sure you encourage your attendees to take some of the food with them. They don't have to take everything! You can still enjoy some of it, like the turkey which is really good for you and also some of the vegetables.

Happy Holidays!
10 comments on "The Thanksgiving Diet"
  1. great post!!! this is something that I definitely have to keep in mind. Dang those leftovers!

  2. Can't wait. It is definitely my favorite holiday.

  3. I completely agree. Thanksgiving should be a time where you enjoy yourself with fam and friends. Great post and extremely cute blog!
    stop by sometime, xx nat

  4. Agreed, it is fine to celebrate, but the celebrating needs to stop with the celebration is over!

  5. i ate thanksgiving leftovers for 3 days and they got better each day. lol! terrible, i know. at least i didn't make another sweet potato pie and cornbread dressing like i wanted to.

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  6. Thanks for the comment!

    AHHH I ate so much over the holidays....and am still eating but I figure I'll just work it off slowly later! or not. haha :)

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach


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