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what not to wear

Monday, October 18, 2010
Yesterday I had a funny conversation with my friend Karima "Reems" online ....

Reems: this guy at my job is wearing a red shirt with beige pants
u look like u work at TARGET
Jonesy: LOL
yooo no joke
one day i wore a blue shirt and a khaki skirt
and then i got to work
and i was like omg
i look like best buy
Karima: LMAO
Jonesy: so i wore a sweater ALL day!
Karima: stop
Jonesy: it looked cute at home
i went into the bathroom
and i looked in the mirror and said oh em gee
i look like i work at best buy
Reems: one time i was in bed bath and beyond and a guy was wearing the color uniforms
Jonesy: LOL and u asked for help?
Reems: yea
and he was like ummm
i dont work here
Jonesy: im holding in my laughter
Reems: and i was like ohh
Jonesy: LOL
i have tears
Reems: well why u got the uniform on man!
Jonesy: i cant

This conversation had me thinking how easily someone could accidently dress like a store employee and not even realize it. How many men have you seen at a party with black pants, a white buttoned down shirt (sometimes a vest) and black tie, and wondered if they were the waiter? One of the most embarrasing things that can happen is accidently asking someone for help in a store to find out that they are just a customer like you. We've all thought this in our heads while shopping "Does she work here?" or have said "Excuse me, do you work here?"when we weren't sure.

Make no mistake, you should avoid the following color combinations . . .

I know what you are thinking, I'd never wear this outfit. Okay maybe you wouldn't wear this exact outfit above, but its quite easy to take these two colors like I did, and not even realize that you became an honorary Best Buy employee. I bought this really cute royal blue shirt from H&M and paired it with a cute skirt not even realizing how the two colors could instantly remind someone of Best Buy. Luckily i wasn't wearing yellow anywhere in that day.

I've actually seem this combo out a lot believe it or not. Women all the time buy camel colored pants and pair it with a red top, the trick is to go with a different red so its not as noticiable. Whatever you do, should you decide to wear this combo, make sure you avoid entering a target or don't be shocked when someone asks for help.
18 comments on "what not to wear"
  1. hahahaha:))I once experience that myself. I thought the girl was working i6n a bookstore so I ask for some assistance, and surprisingly, she's just a customer like me. bwahaha! She eve6n got offended! haha.well!! 6nice post and nice blog:))

  2. This was my laugh for the day. LOL!

  3. hahah..that is so funny..Great post!

    Ps: I am so glad you stopped by my blog:)

  4. That is REALLY funny and REALLY true!! I HATE when that happens, or the ketchup & mustard combo EWWWW! haha

  5. What a funny post, enjoyed reading!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. OMG I love this post LOL! I go up to people all the time thinking they work there smh

  7. oh man. I wore a white shirt and khaki skirt to school and it looked cute but everyone kept telling me how cute it was that I dressed up like the students. Totally was not thinking about my 8th graders uniforms

  8. haha funny post..I have to agree those combination are awful

  9. I just found this blog and i already like it! I laughed about this post alot coz it really happens! i'm following!

  10. I never thought about it but VERY good point. ;)

  11. haha ive done walked in target realized i look just like one of the workers. i hurried up and got what i needed and got out of there lol

    thanks for following i hope you enjoy the blog

    Vi from Cali

  12. haha I love this post! xo.

  13. LMFAO! That's funny. I used to wear a blue shirt and dark pants... chase or citibank uniforms. Sometimes you just don't have a thing to wear

  14. Crack me up - this is so true. Never wear royal blue in Wal-mart.
    Great post!


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