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Monday, October 25, 2010
We've entered my little cousin into the Gap Casting Call contest. Doesn't his face say

GAP COMMERCIAL? I think so, hehehe. I'd love if you could all support me by voting for him.

His contestant ID #'s are: 976701 & 980042 Vote for my little cousin by entering the contestant ID numbers in the top right corner at

Thanks for the support!

Here is a cute video I did with him over the summer! Check it out.

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  2. omg he is so adorable!!!!!! I saw him on there, when i went to go for a fb friends son. goodluck on the competition, Ill see if i can vote for 2 people (yeah I was able to) might be easy to make just one page.

    [edit]: I added direct links to his profile, but realized there didnt work, so deleted

    pss: heard u can vote everyday

  3. so cute. He's gonna be a heart breaker someday.

  4. That kid is adorable!!! Good luck!!!

  5. gahhh he's just sooo cute !
    i love his little innocent eyes :)

    glisters and blisters


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