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A Comfortable Fall

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's getting breezy in New York. I was itching to throw on a jacket yesterday but it jumped back into the 70s today, mother nature was like ‘not so fast’. Fine by me, but when it’s time I'm ready! Are you? You just checked out the Fall Collections from H&M and Banana Republic. Somewhat different stores but overall have the same ideas and concepts this season. You’ll find this look practically everywhere from Zara to Target to Old Navy. Now, you have an idea of what look is in this season.

Here are some must have items you should consider buying this Fall:

Tights – Love them!
Colors – cream, beige/camel, grey
Short Ankle Boot (Tall is in too but you must have a short!)
Poncho (yes, they are in this season. Not sure if I’ll get one yet though)
Big chunky sweaters
Large oversized jacket (aviator jackets are also really big this season, check out this one i am getting from
Sweater coats (use a belt to tie in the look)
Skinny Pants/Skinny Jeans
A cute fall hat (I love hats)

Now you have a basic idea on what to look for. These are items you can find pretty much anywhere and mix and match to your liking. I highly suggest stopping at a vintage store or thrift shop to look for some cute accessories and hats! Vintage stores are great, you could also find a fantastic coat (that is one of my goals). My little sister Cachee found a pair of Christian Louboutin at a vintage shop in Brooklyn! Insane and lucky.

Good looking Fall shopping!

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