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Better Late Than Never - Fashion Night Out in NYC

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shirt H&M

Dress H&M; Bag Yana Handbags

Diane Von Furstenberg

15 comments on "Better Late Than Never - Fashion Night Out in NYC"
  1. Lucky you! I wish I could experience a FNO one day! ^^

  2. I bet it was such an experience!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. one of these days i would love to experinece NY FNO. i know a lot of cities have their own version, but i know it's nothing like being in NYC.

  4. NICE!
    i LOVE DVF,
    shes so amazing.
    i wish fashion night out was more often haha

  5. I think i'm going to make it my goal to make it to next year's Fashion Week. yup, it's on the list!

  6. Im so jealous!!! Amazing pictures btw :)

  7. I am in the NYC right now and it is a blast. I arrived late (Wed) but I attended the Stephen Burrows show yesterday and I really enjoyed the vibe of the city. My friend is a fashion photographer here and I went with him. Your pics are great and the fashion is wicked this week.

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  9. woah great photos!
    I'm kinda competely in love with that acid wash dress :)


  10. You have a lovely blog. Love the variety of topics. Keep up the great work!

  11. Awww, fashion in NY is truly the place to be! So glamorous I wish I lived there... Cute jean dress, it looks so chic with the chain purse. =0D

  12. What fun photos! I love how they really let you feel the spirit and the atmosphere of the FNO there! I also really like this dress... It looks totally fab... Are you sure it's H&M? lol :)

  13. What a stylish girl! You look amazing, FNO in NY should be an amazing experience!

  14. wow! it looks like you have had a busy and amazing summer! love all your looks and trips!

    cheers to a fabulous fall!



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