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A Shore Thing

Thursday, July 22, 2010
August is almost here which means Summers end is near. No need to get sad because the end of the Summer is always the best time for shopping. Stores like H&M, Zara, Top Shop, Old Navy, Express, New York & Co. are trying to get rid of Summer clothes in preparation for the Fall. This is a great time for you to stock up for next summer. You will find great deals on shorts, tops, dresses and bathing suits. Run, don't walk because the word is out and it can be difficult to find sizes (especially if you are small).

What a perfect way to close off the Summer with a picnic on the beach. Hopefully that will happen before this warm weather comes to an end. I've never had a picnic on the beach before and the idea of it sounds really fun.

What you will need for a perfect picnic ...

1. The perfect day and time. Obviously, don't go on a day where it looks like it may rain or it's way too hot. Going early in the morning gives you a greater chance of finding a great location before the crowd comes, though going in the evening is much more romantic and cooler.

2. Good food and wine. Sandwiches are always a safe bet because it's an easy cleanup and not too messy to handle while sitting on a blanket. Choose foods that taste great cold. If you don't like sandwiches then try any other finger food. Try to eliminate the use of utensils and you'll make this picnic meal a lot easier to manage. Wine... do I really need to explain why? It's delicious. You can pick up small mini bottles at your local liquor store or supermarket but make sure you carry a small cooler to keep it in along with water and other beverages. It's pretty difficult to leave and return to the beach once you're already settled in, so make sure that you arrive with plenty of options for food and beverages.

3. Bring a blanket! Make sure it's big enough and comfortable enough for the amount of people attending. You can also try and find inexpensive beach chairs at stores like Walmart and Target. Though, something about sitting on a blanket makes it feel more like picnic then sitting in a chair... at least for me.

4. A picnic is only fun if your not melting in the sun. Either bring the shade by providing an umbrella or sit out away from the suns direction. Whether you love to tan or not, too much time in the sun (especially drinking wine) will leave you uncomfortable and unhappy.

5. The most important thing is to double check that you have everything before you leave for the beach. I hate it when I travel somewhere and realize i forgot something. Grab a picnic basket and stock up, and most importantly make sure you have a blissful time.

9 comments on "A Shore Thing"
  1. I absolutely hate fall because it means winter is coming but the one bright spot is the KILLA sales on all the pretty summer things I've been lusting after for months :-)


  2. true, all the summer sales are amazing right now! but i'm trying not to buy too much, haha :) and you're right, it's hard to find sizes.

    i've wanted to go on a picnic for the longest time. i've never had one at the beach either!

  3. yup..! SALEs my fav time of year.! and good luck with the whole picnic..!

  4. I love end of summer sales.. especially since you can turn alot of summer clothing into fall/winter clothing too.

  5. i'm headed to an end of the season warehouse sale tomorrow! so excited.

  6. oh, little picnics are the best way to spend a day. great tips. xx

  7. I buy at the end of summer too.

  8. this is exactly why i love when the summer ends SALES Galore love ittt

  9. I haven't been on a picnic forever! But now it's way to hot :(

    Love the new header!

    Cheers :)


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