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Sunday, July 11, 2010
I picked up the July issue of Essence Magazine because I love Jada Pinkett. In addition to the great article on Jada, I also read a very interesting story in the relationship/dating section. Relationship Editor,Demetria L. Lucas, accepted theESSENCE Summer Dating Challenge, to let three people hook her up on dates. I immediately thought this was a smart idea. Friends, family and sometimes even co-workers are the people that know you the best. When I mentioned this idea to a single friend, she said that she always assumed if one of her friends met an amazing guy they'd know to hook her up. This is not necessarily true all the time. I think every girl has at least one or two great guy friends that they'd never date (because you see him more as a brother) but that would be a great fit for someone else. I can't say that I always set people up, I actually never do because I don't think about it.

In a twist, I decided to test out my own Summer Dating Challenge. Yes, Jonesy is single. I reached out to a few friends who were very quick in recommending a few good men I should meet up with. So far, this has turned out to be a great idea. Whether we stay friends or end up being more, I've managed to meet some great people in a short amount of time. If you are single, this is something you should definitely test out, it's worth a shot ... you never know who you could meet.

In getting ready for my date, I reached out to makeup expert Kim Porter for some makeup tips.

1. What are some important things to bring on a first date?
As far as makeup goes, you’re going to need a compact/mirror, blotting paper or powder, and lip gloss for touch-ups. You should also carry some breath strips, altoids or gum, and a small bottle of perfume to re-fresh during the date.

2. What are common first date makeup mistakes?
Too much makeup! That means heavy foundation, eyeliner, and blush. Wearing too much makeup can sometimes take away from your natural beauty. Most men actually prefer women who look more natural and whose makeup isn't noticeable over women whose makeup is obviously caked on, and clownish. You don’t want the guy to be fearful of giving you a hug because he might get makeup on his shirt! Or maybe you do… lol

3. I LOVE mascara. Maybe I love it a little too much. Is too much eye makeup a bad idea?
Eye makeup is fine. Just don’t go overboard. You can do a soft, neutral smoky eye, especially for an evening date. Just make sure your mascara isn’t clumped on, and the liner, especially on the lower lash line isn’t too heavy; it will make you look older, and sometime tired. If you’re a contact wearer like me, wearing too much eye makeup can mean makeup in the eye, which equals irritation. Your eye will water, and ruin your pretty makeup.

4. Lip color or no lip color? Glossy or no glossy? Glossy, bright lips can be distracting in general, how about on a first date?
In my opinion, you should accentuate the feature you like best about yourself. For some people it’s their eyes, and for others it’s their lips. If you go on a date, and you wear bright pink or red lipstick, the guy will first see those bright lips! You just have to think to yourself whether or not that’s what you want him to focus on first. Since corals, and light pinks are in for this season, I’d say go with a gloss in one of those shades that fit your complexion. It is fun and it’s flirty, and not too much. It will also complement a soft, smoky eye. Always go for gloss, since the color for the most part is sheer, and it isn’t too heavy. Stay away from sticky gloss! You don’t want anything stuck to your lips during your date.

5. Guys seem to love girls who look natural. What are some tips to have a natural look without feeling completely naked?
The no-makeup makeup look is easy to achieve. Conceal the areas that need the most coverage. If you have dark under eye circles, use a concealer that is at least 2 shades lighter, and blend out the edges with a concealer that’s the same color of your skin tone. Remember to set your concealer with a powder afterward to make sure it stays in place. Use a sheer powder to even out the skin tone and remove surface oils. Use a bronzer for a natural glow, and a peachy or orange blush over it. Use a brow gel to keep your eyebrows groomed. Groomed brows can shape your face, and make a world of a difference. The same goes for eyelashes. Don’t forget your mascara! If you’re not blessed with decent length lashes , try applying a natural looking lash for that extra flirty effect. Don’t go overboard with super long lashes. The key is to look natural.

Also, when wearing perfume, you don’t want to put too much to the point you smell like a perfume factory; this could really impact how long he wants to stay near you. I know you want to smell good, but when you apply too much, the scent becomes overwhelming, and sometimes nauseating.

6. Any final advice?
It's okay to add a few extra touches to enhance yourself; however, you should not go for a complete opposite look of how you normally look. It’s kind of like false advertisement. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. When applying your eyeshadow always use an eyeshadow primer. This will help to smooth the eyelid prepping it for eyeshadow and will make shadow last longer and appear more vibrant. Your eyeshadow will last all night.

Do not use a foundation or moisturizer that has SPF in it (if you’re not in the sun for extended periods of time). Many sunscreens contain an ingredient called titanium dioxide which appears as a whitish, “ashy” appearance in photos particularly those with flash.

Special thanks to Kim Porter for her advice.

Check out her amazing blog HERE

12 comments on "Set A Date"
  1. Great makeup advice! My hubby doesn't like a lot of makeup either. For our wedding, my makeup artist had to do 50 million looks, before he agreed. He wanted me to have a natural look on our wedding day...

  2. This is a great idea!

  3. This is great advice!!! Good luck on those dates chica- that's a fabulous idea.

  4. I enjoyed reading that! thanks so much! Great advice. and i love jada!

  5. What a fun idea!! Kim is great!! You must keep us posted on your dates!!

  6. I love the idea!!
    I too love Jada P. Smith

  7. Yay! Glad you guys liked my advice...

    @Latoya, your husband helped you choose your makeup looks? Wow hmm Shannon, you know David will have NO PARTS in that lol

  8. @Kim

    Yes he did! He was adament. My makeup artist and I were in the kitchen and I had to walk up and down three flights of steps (to his man den) to show him each look. He wasn't satisfied until it looked as natural as possible. You can check out the wedding pics on my blog. He did a good job picking my makeup, but he didn't see the dress until the wedding day.

  9. I love demetria lucas, her blog (a belle in brooklyn) is awesome! sadly, my circle is devoid of good male contacts. so single and dateless, i shall remain


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