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Friday, July 30, 2010
Great news! I signed on as a guest blogger for 'Be In Style' on Be in Style, is’s beauty and fashion blog. Read the latest shopping tips and product reviews and find out what items are this season’s hottest fashions and what’s totally last decade.

Click Here to check out my latest post and keep checking for more : )
Have a great weekend!

Thank you, Thank you, You're far too kind!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Special thank you to 'A Reflecting By Tuesdai' for doing a profile on me for her blog.

You can click HERE to check it out.

ASOS Wish List

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
ASOS.COM is having a big sale, BIG! For a while I use to try and keep this site a secret but now I just want to tell everyone how great it is. Pretty much everyone knows that I love shopping and this is one of my favorite websites for online shopping. From dresses, jackets, shoes and bags, always gives me something I can't find anywhere else. Check out these cute items up for sale now!

Below are some of my favorite ASOS purchases from the past

{Birthday Dress}

{Party Dress}

{Vegas Dress}


{Leather Jacket}

{Military Jacket}


Sunday, July 25, 2010
While watching this episode of "Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian; Take Miami" ( yes, I watch) it sparked a debate between my mother and I. My Mother told me that Kim's obsessive blackberry behavior reminded her a lot of me. Is it true? am I addicted to my Blackberry? Check out the clip that aired last week.

Okay I'll admit, at times I am a bit consumed with my phone. If I am not checking BBM, I'm texting or emailing. I don't talk on my phone that often but I'm usually on it checking something, anything. I've decided on the weekends to limit my Blackberry use. I vow to shut off my phone for hours and take that time to relax, read, write, do basically anything else than touch my Blackberry. I started this weekend and so far it went well.

(Khendra, Jonesy, Karima at a Birthday party)

Top 10 Ways To Know You’re Addicted to Your BlackBerry

1. You avoid walking into people or objects on your way to class/work, because your eyes are glued to your BlackBerry.

2. You wake up in the middle of the night for water and instinctively check your phone for new messages.

3. You play with your phone for comfort in awkward situations.

4. You keep your BlackBerry on the table during meals, next to your laptop and basically within eyesight at all times. When you must put it away, you have a designated pocket or compartment for it in your bag.

5. You spend an exorbitant amount of time playing games on your phone such as BrickBreaker.

6. You hear someone else’s phone vibrate and feel a desperate and searing urge to check yours. Or even worse, you hear a vibrating noise, check your phone and realize you were imagining it. (Side note: Hallucinations of the blinking red light are also common).

7. You base who your friends are on your BlackBerry Messenger contact list. For example, during a recent discussion with a friend about an old hook up that ended awkwardly, I asked, “so are you guys on okay terms now?” Her response: “Yeah, we’re good now — we’re BBM friends!”

8. You can’t stop yourself, even if you are with a group of people, from responding to messages or looking at your phone. After you finish typing, you might even look up to find that everyone else in the group is on their phones too.

9. You can’t get through work/class without checking your phone during the day. Once you see the blinking red light, you feel the incessant need to check who’s messaging you or what they are saying.

10. You feel anxious and stressed when your BBMs don’t go through. You have a panic attack when your battery gets low and will do anything to borrow a charger (including, as a friend of mine did, leaving a party to sit in a random person’s room until it had sufficient charge or even worse another friend who went to a AT&T store to unplug a phone they were selling to charge hers for 30 minutes). And if your phone actually dies, you feel naked without it.

Credit: Based on my own personal experience and here

Saturday Night

Dress, H&M

Nail Polish, Essie Calypso #556

Flip Flops, Old Navy

A Shore Thing

Thursday, July 22, 2010
August is almost here which means Summers end is near. No need to get sad because the end of the Summer is always the best time for shopping. Stores like H&M, Zara, Top Shop, Old Navy, Express, New York & Co. are trying to get rid of Summer clothes in preparation for the Fall. This is a great time for you to stock up for next summer. You will find great deals on shorts, tops, dresses and bathing suits. Run, don't walk because the word is out and it can be difficult to find sizes (especially if you are small).

What a perfect way to close off the Summer with a picnic on the beach. Hopefully that will happen before this warm weather comes to an end. I've never had a picnic on the beach before and the idea of it sounds really fun.

What you will need for a perfect picnic ...

1. The perfect day and time. Obviously, don't go on a day where it looks like it may rain or it's way too hot. Going early in the morning gives you a greater chance of finding a great location before the crowd comes, though going in the evening is much more romantic and cooler.

2. Good food and wine. Sandwiches are always a safe bet because it's an easy cleanup and not too messy to handle while sitting on a blanket. Choose foods that taste great cold. If you don't like sandwiches then try any other finger food. Try to eliminate the use of utensils and you'll make this picnic meal a lot easier to manage. Wine... do I really need to explain why? It's delicious. You can pick up small mini bottles at your local liquor store or supermarket but make sure you carry a small cooler to keep it in along with water and other beverages. It's pretty difficult to leave and return to the beach once you're already settled in, so make sure that you arrive with plenty of options for food and beverages.

3. Bring a blanket! Make sure it's big enough and comfortable enough for the amount of people attending. You can also try and find inexpensive beach chairs at stores like Walmart and Target. Though, something about sitting on a blanket makes it feel more like picnic then sitting in a chair... at least for me.

4. A picnic is only fun if your not melting in the sun. Either bring the shade by providing an umbrella or sit out away from the suns direction. Whether you love to tan or not, too much time in the sun (especially drinking wine) will leave you uncomfortable and unhappy.

5. The most important thing is to double check that you have everything before you leave for the beach. I hate it when I travel somewhere and realize i forgot something. Grab a picnic basket and stock up, and most importantly make sure you have a blissful time.

The Allure of Eva

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I love Eva Mendes. She covers Allure Magazine in its August issue.

What I love most about this cover is how natural her makeup looks. Eva is wearing Clinque's Different Lipstick in Angelic. I love this color! Click Here

Eva Mendes discusses two of her favorite Perricone products in the August issue of Allure:Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation saves my life. It has a little tint in addition to moisture and SPF…there’s another Perricone product, Cold Plasma, that’s loaded with nutrients. I wear it all over my face.” – Eva Mendes

For more information on Perricone MD products Click Here

Cheers to new beginnings!

Yesterday I spent some time with my family. I got a new job! I start tomorrow. Friday, I said goodbye to my former coworkers and celebrated with friends at the Hudson Hotel's Sky Terrace rooftop in NYC. We sipped on sangria and blueberry mojitos. Cheers to new beginnings! I am overjoyed to see what happens in this next chapter of my life.

write it all down

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blackberry messenger, texting, emails, Skype, ichat ... there are so many ways to communicate with the people around you. Still, nothing compares to opening your mailbox and discovering a letter. It's especially nice to receive a letter for no reason at all, it's not your Birthday or a special Holiday. A personalized letter always leaves a great impression. Yesterday I spent some time in a stationery store and realized how much I miss sending and receiving mail. I stopped by to check out some great stationary. Here are my top picks!

1. QueenvannaCreations, Decorative Vellum Mini Envelopes (Set of 6): $4
2. QuillyNilly, Hello Owl Card on Brown (1): $1.89
3. thepcpress, Letterpress (Set of 6): $13.50
4. MonkeySeeBoutique, Stationary Wall Pocket: $4
5. Typewink, Better Together (1): $19.99
6. OurCornerCrafts, Keep Calm and Carry On Notecards: (Set of 10): $12

Set A Date

Sunday, July 11, 2010
I picked up the July issue of Essence Magazine because I love Jada Pinkett. In addition to the great article on Jada, I also read a very interesting story in the relationship/dating section. Relationship Editor,Demetria L. Lucas, accepted theESSENCE Summer Dating Challenge, to let three people hook her up on dates. I immediately thought this was a smart idea. Friends, family and sometimes even co-workers are the people that know you the best. When I mentioned this idea to a single friend, she said that she always assumed if one of her friends met an amazing guy they'd know to hook her up. This is not necessarily true all the time. I think every girl has at least one or two great guy friends that they'd never date (because you see him more as a brother) but that would be a great fit for someone else. I can't say that I always set people up, I actually never do because I don't think about it.

In a twist, I decided to test out my own Summer Dating Challenge. Yes, Jonesy is single. I reached out to a few friends who were very quick in recommending a few good men I should meet up with. So far, this has turned out to be a great idea. Whether we stay friends or end up being more, I've managed to meet some great people in a short amount of time. If you are single, this is something you should definitely test out, it's worth a shot ... you never know who you could meet.

In getting ready for my date, I reached out to makeup expert Kim Porter for some makeup tips.

1. What are some important things to bring on a first date?
As far as makeup goes, you’re going to need a compact/mirror, blotting paper or powder, and lip gloss for touch-ups. You should also carry some breath strips, altoids or gum, and a small bottle of perfume to re-fresh during the date.

2. What are common first date makeup mistakes?
Too much makeup! That means heavy foundation, eyeliner, and blush. Wearing too much makeup can sometimes take away from your natural beauty. Most men actually prefer women who look more natural and whose makeup isn't noticeable over women whose makeup is obviously caked on, and clownish. You don’t want the guy to be fearful of giving you a hug because he might get makeup on his shirt! Or maybe you do… lol

3. I LOVE mascara. Maybe I love it a little too much. Is too much eye makeup a bad idea?
Eye makeup is fine. Just don’t go overboard. You can do a soft, neutral smoky eye, especially for an evening date. Just make sure your mascara isn’t clumped on, and the liner, especially on the lower lash line isn’t too heavy; it will make you look older, and sometime tired. If you’re a contact wearer like me, wearing too much eye makeup can mean makeup in the eye, which equals irritation. Your eye will water, and ruin your pretty makeup.

4. Lip color or no lip color? Glossy or no glossy? Glossy, bright lips can be distracting in general, how about on a first date?
In my opinion, you should accentuate the feature you like best about yourself. For some people it’s their eyes, and for others it’s their lips. If you go on a date, and you wear bright pink or red lipstick, the guy will first see those bright lips! You just have to think to yourself whether or not that’s what you want him to focus on first. Since corals, and light pinks are in for this season, I’d say go with a gloss in one of those shades that fit your complexion. It is fun and it’s flirty, and not too much. It will also complement a soft, smoky eye. Always go for gloss, since the color for the most part is sheer, and it isn’t too heavy. Stay away from sticky gloss! You don’t want anything stuck to your lips during your date.

5. Guys seem to love girls who look natural. What are some tips to have a natural look without feeling completely naked?
The no-makeup makeup look is easy to achieve. Conceal the areas that need the most coverage. If you have dark under eye circles, use a concealer that is at least 2 shades lighter, and blend out the edges with a concealer that’s the same color of your skin tone. Remember to set your concealer with a powder afterward to make sure it stays in place. Use a sheer powder to even out the skin tone and remove surface oils. Use a bronzer for a natural glow, and a peachy or orange blush over it. Use a brow gel to keep your eyebrows groomed. Groomed brows can shape your face, and make a world of a difference. The same goes for eyelashes. Don’t forget your mascara! If you’re not blessed with decent length lashes , try applying a natural looking lash for that extra flirty effect. Don’t go overboard with super long lashes. The key is to look natural.

Also, when wearing perfume, you don’t want to put too much to the point you smell like a perfume factory; this could really impact how long he wants to stay near you. I know you want to smell good, but when you apply too much, the scent becomes overwhelming, and sometimes nauseating.

6. Any final advice?
It's okay to add a few extra touches to enhance yourself; however, you should not go for a complete opposite look of how you normally look. It’s kind of like false advertisement. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. When applying your eyeshadow always use an eyeshadow primer. This will help to smooth the eyelid prepping it for eyeshadow and will make shadow last longer and appear more vibrant. Your eyeshadow will last all night.

Do not use a foundation or moisturizer that has SPF in it (if you’re not in the sun for extended periods of time). Many sunscreens contain an ingredient called titanium dioxide which appears as a whitish, “ashy” appearance in photos particularly those with flash.

Special thanks to Kim Porter for her advice.

Check out her amazing blog HERE

When you lose a bet ...

Saturday, July 10, 2010
A few months back, my friend Aaron and I made a bet about the NBA Finals. First we bet that our teams (Aaron is a Lakers fan and I'm a Celtics fan) would be battling against each other. We were both correct. Next, we bet that our team would win. The loser would have to bake the winner cupcakes. Well ....

Aaron enjoyed his cupcakes : )

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you ....

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Welcome to Polyvore!
The Yellow Shopping List:

(Dress, Zara; Shoes, Mimosa)

4th of July Weekend (VIDEO)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How was your weekend?

'Cocktails and Conversation' Networking Event: Part 4

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nikki, Ariel and I hosted our networking event at the Hudson Hotel, Sky Terrace (rooftop) in NYC. The event started off nice but quickly came to a stop when rain started to pour down on this beautiful rooftop terrace. No worries; we moved everyone down to the lounge and kept the event going. Young professionals in music, film, new media, fashion and print gathered for some after work conversation and cocktails, and the chance to win some wonderful prizes.

To check out some of the previous events click here

(photographer/blogger; Ralph from Mind The Rebel)

(Skirt; H&M)

Photo Credit: Blue from Urban Overdose

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