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Fashion 4 Breakfast

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My two favorite things, fashion and breakfast ...

What I
Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio - For a flawless 3-step eye look, you can create beautiful eyes with this eye shadow trio

Gucci 3099 Truffle Sunglasses - Brown gradient plastic lenses, with a light rectangular shape, large yet not overpowering the face

H&M Hat - Who doesn't love a cute hat?

Bow Tank - Dress it up or dress it down a cute tank can pretty much go with about anything

Marble Beach Skinny Jeans- I love how skinny jeans cuff at the bottom and bring all the attention down to the shoe

Yves Saint Laurent Sandals- Who doesn't love a hot shoe? I love the grey color and overall design of this one, this hidden wedge makes it easier to walk.

Nashelle Love Wrap Bracelet - Max and Chloe- Layers and a message, this bracelet is super cute

SLRing - I love this ring! I love accessories that have a quote, symbol and interesting concept. I love photography so this ring fits my personality.

OPI New Sunglasses - Nail Polish NLB46 - I am obsessed with Ali. Now as much as Ali on the Bachelorette but I do love yellow. Yellow flowers, yellow dress, yellow sandals, and yes yellow nails. Hot like the sun this color makes a big bright impression. Try it on your toes!

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag Clutch- I love bags. The bigger the better! What I love most about this one is the color and the satchel look, also love a long strap.

Banana Walnut Pancakes! nuff said.

26 comments on "Fashion 4 Breakfast"
  1. mmmm
    Now Im going to eat a banana with no doubt! XP
    And Im about to buy a yellow naillacquer... like you can see Im very influenciable!


  2. OMG, i totally have that hat in white! And those pancakes look so good.

  3. YUM! The pancakes look amazing!

  4. Really cute look! I love bright yellow and bright colors ! those jeans are really cute! OF course I love this shoe :)

  5. LOVE the grey shoes, they are hot FIRE! add yellow polish on the toes, and what you get is fabulous! breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, anytime of the day. i'm making maple bacon pancakes for dinner tonite!

  6. I love that grey satchel! gorgeous shoes too! I want those pancakes! x

  7. i am in love with that love bracelet lol
    actually i want all those items tbh!
    and pancakes lol


  8. Love all your picks :)

  9. love the idea of the grey outfit and the yellow nail polish as a color pop!

  10. The fashion made me hungry for shopping the pancakes made me hungry for breakfast. Yummy post!

    So Sincere,

  11. God, i love the tank top and OPI nailpolish!! Great stuff!
    And your breakfast looks delicious, I'm hungry now :)

  12. mmmmmmm to both the pancakes and the minkoff!!

    XO Kimmy

  13. Gucci sunglasses and YSL sandals? YES PLEASE!!

  14. great picks and yummy breakfast :)

  15. i love the tank...and those pancakes looks DELISH

  16. I love those shoes I have wanted them ever since they came out maybe one day...and those pancakes look really yummy.

  17. Nom nom non- fooood. lol.

    I love the bow shirt!!!

  18. love the nail polish and eye shadow

  19. with breakfast like this, I'm gonna have more than enough energy for the day :)


    PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit it our blog (and feel free to follow!) :)

  20. Oh how I am loving that bow vest!
    - Adele

  21. I love everything! Especially those hot shoes and the slr ring. Great finds!

  22. I love those shoes, they are so impressive!


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